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Utah judge gives driver in DUI-related death up to 15 years

On Sept. 1, 2013, a Utah woman was driving under the influence. In the early morning hours of that day, she collided with another vehicle, and the driver of the other car died as a result of the injuries she suffered in the DUI-related crash. Witnesses told law enforcement officials that they saw a car similar to the woman's blowing through a stop sign. The vehicle appeared to be traveling at speeds near 80 mph the posted speed limit was only 30 mph -- prior to the accident.

The woman was taken to an area hospital that night to be treated for injuries she suffered in the crash. Officers at the scene reported that the woman seemed extremely impaired. A blood test that night indicated that her blood alcohol content was almost four times the .08 legal limit.

Divorce affects children as much as it does Utah couples

Ask anyone in Utah who has been there, and he or she will tell you that divorce is not easy. Anger, hurt, worry and resentment are just a few of the emotions that divorce can cause -- and that is just from the children. If a Utah couple is to the point where they realize the marriage is over, then everyone in the family is already unhappy.

The enormity of issues that require attention in the divorce process can cause even the best parents to forget that their children are losing the only family they have known up to this point. Not many couples are able to avoid having at least some confrontation, even if it is mild, while negotiating a divorce settlement. Handling these issues away from the children will insulate them from the "business" side of a divorce. The children are going to have many questions of their own, and both parents being available to answer them can put their minds at ease.

Name of Utah DUI suspect makes his arrest national news

Ordinarily, an arrest for driving under the influence in Utah would not make national headlines. However, when a man named Christopher Reeves was arrested for DUI while wearing a Superman t-shirt, news outlets could not help but report the incident. A sheriff's department spokesperson even pointed out that his name is close to that of Christopher Reeve -- the man who infamously played the role of Superman beginning in 1978. Unfortunately, the apparent irony of the man's name and his choice of attire have diminished the fact that the man is facing serious charges.

The suspected drunk driver was traveling on Interstate 15 in the early morning hours of March 25. A Davis County deputy initiated a traffic stop at about 3 a.m. after claiming to see the vehicle traveling at more than 80 mph and weaving. The deputy administered field sobriety tests that he maintains the driver failed.

Judge's child custody ruling based on multiple factors

Judges are tasked with determining the best interests of a child when making custody rulings. Any Utah parent who has ended up in court over custody of his or her children knows that a variety of issues can affect a judge's decision. Some parents attempt to keep certain personal matters out of a child custody battle, but nevertheless, those issues often find their way into the courtroom

One custody battle on the east coast included a multitude of secrets that the father brought to the court's attention much to the chagrin of the mother. Last year, he argued that his ex-wife was an unfit mother because she had an abortion at one point in her life. He further claimed that she was untruthful with the court about her relationships with other men.

Utah sheriff's lieutenant resigns after being charged with DUI

A Utah sheriff's lieutenant was driving himself and four children to a gun range on Feb. 9 in a county vehicle. He ended up crashing the vehicle and being charged with DUI. The lieutenant has since resigned his position.

As the deputy drove on Route 17 on the day in question, he failed to stay on the road. When he attempted to steer the vehicle back onto the road, he overcorrected. This caused the vehicle to flip over as it went down the embankment. The truck came to a rest on its roof.

Utah divorce settlements can be enforced even years later

The decisions that Utah couples make when they end their marriages are ones they will have to live with for years to come. The terms of a divorce settlement are binding on both parties. If one party fails to comply with the terms of that agreement, the other party may return to court to request further orders from the court.

For instance, a couple divorced in another state back in 2009. As part of their divorce settlement, they agreed to each pay half of their daughter's law school tuition so long as she maintained a grade point average of "C" or better. Shortly before the couple divorced, their daughter received her bachelor's degree.

Utah Supreme Court gives father chance at child custody

An Iraqi war veteran found out in 2009 that he was going to be a father. Throughout his ex-girlfriend's pregnancy, he provided her with support for her and her other children, and he looked forward to being involved in his child's life. Toward the end of her pregnancy, the mother of his child dashed his hopes of sharing child custody when she disappeared.

He finally located the child's mother, and through a series of court orders from another state, she finally confessed that the child was given up for adoption in Utah. The father then attempted to stop the adoption and obtain custody of his baby. His case was dismissed by a lower court based on a deadline imposed on the out-of-state father by the state's Adoption Act.

Social security benefits could affect the timing of a divorce

Numerous issues need consideration before making the decision to end a marriage. Once that decision is made, when to file for divorce takes center stage. For Utah couples that are close to reaching their 10-year anniversary, that decision could influence the parties' future in an unexpected way.

After 10 years or more of marriage, one party may be eligible to collect a portion of the other spouse's social security benefits. Couples that are nowhere near retirement may not consider this fact when negotiating a divorce settlement. It could potentially offset the receipt of another asset by the spouse who will receive benefits.

Divorce does not have to be a bad experience

Some find it difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel when a marriage ends. The longer a Utah couple is together, the more their identities may be dependent on the other person -- for better or worse. Sometimes, this makes it difficult to focus on what comes after the divorce process is complete.

Fear of moving forward alone can keep a person from envisioning the type of life they want after the divorce is final. Just because the relationship is ending does not mean that a person should not look forward to a new beginning. How the divorce process is handled can be the first step toward that new life.

Utah fire district captain pleads guilty to misdemeanor DUI

On Aug. 21 of last year, police responded to a vehicle accident. One vehicle rear-ended another, the occupants of which suffered unspecified injuries. As police investigated the crash, they formulated a theory that the driver behind the wheel of the first vehicle was impaired. The Utah fire district captain was arrested for DUI, which we originally reported on Sept. 30, 2013 ("Utah fire captain accused of DUI after having accident").

At the scene, police administered a field sobriety test they claim the fire captain failed. Further, they allege that he admitted to them that he had consumed six or seven beers prior to getting behind the wheel of the car. After being processed at the local county jail, the accused man was released and contacted his department regarding the situation. The department placed him on administrative leave until the situation is resolved.

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