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Utah's new DUI penalties under fire

The new law aimed at those who are suspected of driving under the influence in Utah is not scheduled to go into effect until the end of 2018, but it is still garnering intense debate, both in the legislature and throughout the state. A .08 blood alcohol content is widely accepted across the country as the standard for DUI. Recently, state lawmakers voted to reduce the BAC from .08 to .05, but some lawmakers are having second thoughts.

In fact, some in the state legislature are seeking to repeal the law before it is even enacted. However, others feel a fair compromise would be a modification of the proposed penalties for anyone convicted of driving with a .05 BAC, which for many may be equal to one glass of wine. The law currently calls for a first-time DUI conviction at the new low BAC to result in a 120-day suspension of the driver's license.

4 tips for handling a custody evaluation

Like any Utah parent, your children mean the world to you. As you go through a divorce, you may worry about how the situation will impact your children and what hoops you may have to jump through when it comes to making child custody decisions. If you and the other parent can still get along amicably, the decision-making process may not present too many difficulties. However, if the court will have more of a say in the matter, you may have concerns about possible outcomes.

As the custody process moves forward, you may face a custody evaluation. This type of situation may seem intimidating as an outside party will critique your parenting ability. Because all parents have moments of doubt when it comes to raising their kids, you may feel anxious about the evaluation. You may feel less stressed if you take the time to prepare, and the following tips may prove useful.

Utah man facing DUI charge after multi-car accident

Serious accidents can take place due to any number of factors. In some cases, police officers responding to the accident may suspect that a driver is under the influence and that alcohol contributed to the crash. When this type of suspicion arises, a driver could potentially face legal trouble and have charges for DUI brought against him or her.

A recent accident in Utah led to one person facing such charges. Reports stated that the driver of a pickup truck crashed into a car, and the initial collision caused the car to crash into a minivan. The individuals in the car suffered serious injuries and were taken from the scene by ambulances. It did not appear that any of the other individuals involved were injured.

Professional divorce advice may outweigh that of family, friends

Though most Utah residents likely know someone who has ended his or her marriage, going through the process oneself is often different. Some people who have been in similar situations may attempt to give divorce advice, but parties may want to remember that each case has its own unique factors. Therefore, what may have worked for one former couple may not apply to another.

When faced with questions, it may prove wise to seek information from reliable professionals. For instance, individuals may wish to ask their legal counsel about the possible expenses associated with ending their marriage. The answer may differ depending on the circumstances, but often, costs hinge on how well the parties work with each other and how prepared each person is for the process ahead.

Written records may prove useful in high-conflict Utah divorce

When dealing with the difficulties of ending a marriage, it may seem like there are few options for getting through the process quickly and amicably. This feeling may be even more prevalent for individuals who are dealing with a spouse with a high-conflict personality. These parties often want to make the divorce process or any other situation more difficult, but there are ways that could help move proceedings along.

First, Utah residents who are divorcing may want to ensure that they keep thorough written records of everything they find pertinent. These records may prove especially important when it comes to communications between both parties. People can keep track of what each person has said, and high-conflict individuals may be less likely to start arguments if they know their are records of the conversations through email or text.

Meaningful defense may benefit Utah man facing DUI charge

One man in Utah will undoubtedly be exploring his defense options after recently being charged. Reports stated that the man was allegedly behind the wheel of a vehicle that crashed into a home. Emergency crews arrived at the scene, and the man was taken to an area hospital due to suffering injuries in the incident. However, he was also under suspicion for DUI.

The man purportedly told EMTs that he had used heroin and consumed alcohol the night before the accident. Police also allegedly discovered heroin, meth, marijuana and unspecified drug paraphernalia at the scene of the crash. Additionally, the man had apparently been driving on a revoked license, and the vehicle did not have an ignition interlock device, which the man was also reportedly supposed to utilize. 

Undisclosed expectations could contribute to divorce in Utah

For many Utah residents, marriage acts as a significant change in their lives. Though numerous people see this change as a positive one, some individuals could also notice that they and their spouses may not get along as they had hoped. As a result, divorce often comes about for parties who realize that they do not see eye-to-eye with their spouses.

One woman realized that her marriage was not going to work after coming to the understanding that she and her husband did not have the same expectations when it came to their relationship. After being married for a few months, her husband stated that she needed to carry out more wifely duties, which she had not considered necessary. As a result, she felt that they were not on the same page.

Should you consider a prenuptial agreement?

No one gets married thinking that it will ultimately end in divorce. For this reason, many Utah couples fail to think about how to protect their interests in case this happens. It may not seem romantic, but it can be advantageous to consider the benefits of drafting a prenuptial agreement. 

A prenuptial agreement is not something that only the rich and famous need. Anyone, no matter his or her income level, could benefit from the protections provided with this legal document. If you are planning to marry in the near future, what do you have to lose from taking steps to protect your future financial interests?

Amicable divorce may be possible for some Utah residents

When many Utah residents think about potentially ending their marriages, they may worry about the conflict that such an event could create. Though many people do face contentious divorce proceedings, not all individuals have to go through unnecessary difficulties as they dissolve their marriages. In fact, some parties could move forward agreeably if they have the ability to work well together.

It appears that one couple in another state may have the ability to move forward amicably as they work through their divorce. Reports stated that the woman involved in the situation had once created a series of books that recounted how economic hardships had actually strengthened her marriage, but now the relationship has come to an end. It was not detailed why the couple decided to end the marriage.

Utah woman charged with DUI and wrong-way driving

Though allegations of driving under the influence are relatively common, each person facing such charges may have a unique perspective on their cases. One woman in Utah was recently charged with DUI, and as a result, she may wish to determine her best options for addressing those allegations. The charges stem from an event in which she was reportedly driving the wrong way on the Interstate.

Apparently, the woman was traveling north in the southbound lanes of I-215. At times, her speed reached approximately 80 mph, and at other times, her speed would fall to approximately 30 mph. A state trooper eventually blocked the woman's path of travel with his vehicle in order to get her to stop. The attempt was reportedly successful, and both vehicles were moved from the roadway.

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