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Financial planning may prevent issues leading to divorce

Marriage analysts have known for generations that money problems are the leading cause of disharmony in marriages. In fact, couples who struggle financially may find themselves arguing more until an impenetrable resentment gives them no choice but to divorce. An engaged Utah couple may feel it inappropriate to sully their romance with conversations about things as mundane as money, but marriage counselors believe there are certain financial facts every couple should know about each other before they take vows.

Debt can eat away at a marriage. If a couple joins in marriage without revealing their levels of debt to each other, there is certain to be conflict. Along with debt is one's credit score. Ignorance of these two facts may lead to frustration and disappointment if one partner's poor credit and debt load prevent them from purchasing a home or vehicle. Overwhelming debt, especially credit card debt, may be a sign that one's partner is a poor manager of money or compulsive spender.

Some say Utah's new DUI law could lead to arrests of nondrinkers

After eating high-carb meals or taking certain antibiotics, some people complain of a condition that causes dizziness, nausea and a brain fog similar to intoxication or a hangover. Some victims of this condition even claim the malady results in a measurable alcohol level in their blood even when they have consumed no alcohol. While extremely rare, people who believe they suffer from what is known as auto-brewery syndrome may be concerned about how the impending change in Utah's DUI law will affect them.

Auto-brewery syndrome has been used at least once in another state as a defense against a DUI charge. Those with the condition may have a chronically elevated blood alcohol count because certain yeasts and sugars combine in their stomachs to create a fermentation similar to that of alcohol. Drivers may exhibit symptoms of intoxication and even fail BAC tests. With Utah set to drop its BAC limit from .08 to .05 – the lowest BAC limit in the country – those with this condition may fear being wrongly arrested for DUI.

Utah anchor faced DUI charges after arrest

When police in Utah find a person that they believe is driving in suspicious manner, they often pull the car over. The traffic stop can be for driving too slowly, too quickly, for a broken tail light or for many other reasons. In some cases, drivers are pulled over when officers suspect DUI is the cause of their erratic driving.

This is what happened recently to a local television personality in Utah. On a spring evening, the woman was travelling slowly in the left lane of a highway. Noticing this, an officer pulled her over for a traffic stop. Once the woman stopped her vehicle, the officer noticed a cup with a straw in it in her car. The cup turned out to be filled with alcohol.

Divorce can cause stress to those in Utah

Ending a marriage is certainly challenging, as many in Utah would certainly agree. There are many issues to decide, often including child support, child custody, property division, alimony and more. In fact, divorce is one of the most demanding things that happen to many people, even in one of the mellowest states in the country.

According to a recent report, Utah is one of the lowest stressed states in the country. It was listed 47th in the list of states in a recent poll. This is in line with the numbers for the state's capital city as well. Anxiety levels were measured by those conducting the poll using statistics for things like divorce, health and affordable housing.

Woman charged with DUI after sideswiping patrol car

Police have a difficult and dangerous job, and several new laws have been passed in Utah and across the country to improve the safety of an officer on the job. One of these is the "move over" law, requiring motorists to switch lanes or slow down when passing emergency vehicles stopped on the side of the road. After a recent incident, however, one woman who apparently failed to move over has been charged with DUI.

The dash cam video from the patrol officer's car shows his vehicle vibrate as another vehicle passes. The officer had exited his car and was fortunately standing on the passenger side of an SUV he had pulled over when the other vehicle drove past, apparently side-swiping his cruiser and narrowly missing the SUV. The passing vehicle did not stop.

Some jobs may increase chances of divorce

There are many things that can push a marriage to the breaking point. Financial stress, pressures from extended family, infidelity and health issues may all drive wedges between spouses. Not surprisingly, the demands of a spouse's job can also play a role in pushing a fragile marriage toward divorce before the spouses reach the age of 30. Utah couples may be interested in the results of a recent study showing the jobs that seem to place marriages at highest risk for divorce.

The average rate for divorce is about 41 percent, and 30 is the typical age for ending a marriage. Nevertheless, certain occupations make it more likely that a couple will decide to split, and the chief among those occupations is military supervisor. In fact, any spouse who serves in the military is at a higher risk of divorce, likely because of the instability of family life, the stress and dangers of the job and the poor compensation. Deployments and frequent moves from family connections add to the volatility of a military union.

The rise in infidelity leads to more gray divorces

The impact of infidelity can be deep and long-lasting. When you suspect that your spouse is cheating, the feelings of betrayal may affect many areas of your life. You may feel that your home, your privacy and your trust have been violated. You may doubt your self-worth.

Perhaps your unfaithful spouse didn't intend to hurt you this way, but you simply can't get past the lies and deception. If you have been married for many years, gone through hard times, raised children and built a life together, the betrayal may be especially painful. However, it is apparently becoming more common for older people to seek relationships outside of marriage.

New DUI rules coming in Utah

Utah has the lowest rate of drunk driving arrests in the nation. It's also well-known that tourism is one of the leading streams of income for the state. Both of these issues are being addressed with a new law set to take effect at the end of next year. It may increase the number of those arrested for DUI.

Utah is lowering its threshold for DUI to a blood alcohol level of anything over .05 percent. The current level is anything above .08 percent. The law is set to take effect in Dec. 2018.

Considering sole child custody in a Utah divorce?

The standard used by Utah's family court judges when it comes to kids is to determine what is in their best interests. These days, many courts decide that giving parents joint custody of their children the most appropriate manner to meet that standard. Even though sole custody is not awarded as often anymore, it remains a viable child custody option when the ensuring the best interests of the children warrants it.

If the court determines that one parent is not fit to share custody of the children, the other parent could be given sole legal and physical custody. This means that parent makes all decisions regarding the children's lives, and that the children reside with that parent exclusively. However, that does not mean that the other parent does not get to see the children. Visitation rights may be awarded based on the circumstances. The visitation could be supervised or the court could require that certain conditions be met in order for visitation to take place.

Video: The value of an experienced, knowledgeable divorce attorney

If you are getting divorced, chances are you will be going through some complicated situations for the very first time. You probably won't know what to expect, what questions to ask or what you deserve. However, you can work with an attorney who has the legal knowledge and familiarity with the process that you may not have.

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