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How Divorced Utah Fathers Can Win Custody Of Their Kids


There are several ways fathers can boost their chances of successfully winning custody of their children.

Fathers in the state of Utah can sometimes feel they get an unfair deal when it comes to courts deciding who gets custody of the children in divorce cases. With that in mind, there are several steps fathers can complete to improve their chances of obtaining custody and maintaining their relationship with their kids.

Realize that judges are impartial

The first thing fathers should realize is that judges determine who gets custody of children according to whom they feel has the child’s best interest in mind rather than making their decision based on the gender of the parent. Being misinformed can make fathers seem bitter and that they have already lost the battle, which are mindsets that can send the wrong message to the judge and give the impression that the father is poorly qualified to have more than visitation rights.

Learn how to do chores around the house

While it might be sexist to say most men do not know how to cook, do laundry, iron and other household chores often carried out by women, there is usually a kernel of truth to that opinion. Fathers hoping to win custody of their children have to show they can take care of their children, which means cooking meals, washing clothes and keeping the house tidy. Not only are these skills essential for fathers hoping to win custody of their children, they are good life skills to know and have.

Develop or strengthen the relationship between father and child

Fathers should do everything in their power to form and reinforce the relationship they have with their children. Depending on how old children are, the judge might ask them about the current state of their relationship with their father. Strained or non-existent relationships are unlikely to bode well for the father, but strong and healthy relationships are sure to increase a father’s chances of winning custody.

Keep up with financial obligations

Fathers should do their best to keep up with financial obligations not only with their soon-to-be or current ex-spouse, but with their debt collectors as well. It is common for judges and lawyers to dig deep into both parents’ lives, and any indications that mom or dad is unable to meet financial obligations to each other or those they owe money to could give judges the impression that their behavior is unlikely to change once they gain custody of their children.

Hard work and dedication are essential for Utah fathers looking to win custody of their kids. Enlisting the help of an experienced attorney is sure to help in their mission as they learn more about their legal options and rights.