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Can Facebook And Other Social Media Networks Affect Divorce?

In recent years, Facebook, Twitter and many other social media networks have become part of divorce proceedings in Utah and all across the country. As public domains, the information contained in social media accounts can be subpoenaed and, thus, can affect divorce settlements.

Our View On Facebook

At Kristopher K. Greenwood & Associates, our attorneys understand that social media is now a large part of the lives of most Americans. We also understand that our clients find enjoyment in the use of such networks. As part of our ever-evolving Salt Lake City-area and statewide practice, we work to ensure our clients understand the possible consequences of posts on social media networks, while also ensuring that Facebook activity by soon-to-be former spouses becomes part of divorce proceedings when necessary.

Find out how Facebook can help you or hurt you by contacting our state-wide law firm by calling (801) 475-8800 or emailing our office.

Using Facebook As Evidence

Facebook can be a valuable source of tangible evidence to use in many cases, most commonly in a divorce or family law case. In these situations we often find evidence on Facebook of adultery, affairs, cohabitation, etc. All of these are critical legal issues in every divorce or family law case. Additionally, Facebook has provided us a significant amount of evidence regarding what people do with their time and money, which also plays an important and critical role in divorce cases, especially on the issue of alimony.

We have a comprehensive approach here at Kristopher K. Greenwood & Associates that allows us to dig into many different social networking sites to obtain additional evidence and information for our clients. Our approach is aggressive, but generally gets extremely positive results for our clients.

Guiding Our Clients In Using Social Media

Not only do we ensure the social media accounts belonging to our clients’ spouses will be investigated, when necessary, to use as evidence of wrongdoing, but we also ensure our clients use their accounts wisely.

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