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The sudden loss of a loved one in a fatal automobile accident is an unimaginable situation surviving family members are left to deal with. An attorney can help during this difficult time by helping to hold all potentially negligent parties accountable. This can be accomplished through a wrongful death lawsuit.

Tell our team of dedicated personal injury lawyers in Salt Lake and surrounding areas about your fatal car accident case. At the law offices of Kristopher K. Greenwood & Associates, we provide immediate family members of fatal accident victims compassionate and experienced wrongful death counsel. Immediate family members include children, parents and spouses. Every situation is different so it is important to schedule an initial consultation at our Ogden, or Salt Lake law firm about your specific case. Call (801) 475-8800 for more information.

Serious And Fatal Automobile Accidents

A wrongful death lawsuit means that certain surviving family members (immediate family members) can file a lawsuit against negligent parties on behalf of the decedent’s estate. Damages such as funeral costs, past medical bills and emotional trauma are just some types of compensation family members can seek.

Our attorneys are very experienced with personal injury and wrongful death cases involving automobile accidents. Whether your loved one died at the scene of the accident or later on, succumbing to serious injuries, a wrongful death lawsuit is something we can talk about with you and your family.

Fatal car accidents and other types of motor vehicle accidents often involve drunk drivers, distracted drivers and other extremely negligent types of driving. No matter what type of fatal car accident your situation involves, we can help you.

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