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Spinal Cord Injury Attorneys

Injuries to the back and spinal cord drastically affect a person’s mobility. These injuries can take a significant time to heal and require medical attention from a wide range of experts. If you or a loved one is suffering from a debilitating spinal cord injury as the result of an accident, it is important that you are represented by an experienced lawyer.

At the law offices of Kristopher K. Greenwood & Associates, we focus on providing quality legal representation for our clients. We only represent plaintiffs in personal injury cases. We never advocate for the insurance company. Our personal injury lawyers represent those who have suffered a wide range of injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, neck and spinal cord injuries, burns and more.

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Experienced Lawyers For Serious Injury Claims

A catastrophic injury such as head trauma, brain injury or a spinal cord injury can affect a person for a significant amount of time. The financial impact of an injury can be brutal, especially if you require months of medical care. If you work at a job that requires a significant amount of movement and you are unable to do your job because of the severity of your injury, it can seem even more difficult. An injury such as a spinal cord injury can prevent you from returning to work for months, or even at all.

We represent people who have suffered spinal cord injuries as the result of car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, slip-and-fall accidents and more. Our Salt Lake metro area spinal cord injury lawyers also represent families in wrongful death claims.

Standing Up For Your Best Interests

When we represent clients, we take a comprehensive approach and work with a wide range of experts who can attest to the severity of our clients’ injuries. Our goal is to obtain the maximum amount of compensation and benefits on your behalf. We will work relentlessly to ensure that you are treated fairly by the insurance company and receive what you are entitled to.

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