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What Is Cohabitation And Does It Affect Alimony?

Under Utah law, cohabitation occurs when two individuals reside together in a relationship similar to marriage. When one of the individuals is an alimony recipient, his/her cohabitation can result in the termination of all alimony payments.


Helping Clients Prove Cohabitation

The attorneys at the law firm of Kristopher K. Greenwood & Associates have handled countless cohabitation cases and have a tremendous amount of experience in helping clients prove this issue and terminate alimony to their former spouse. This allows our clients to save thousands and thousands of dollars in future obligations and move forward with a newfound financial freedom.

To learn more about cohabitation and alimony termination, contact us by email or by calling our law firm at (801) 475-8800.

Proving Cohabitation To The Court

Many of our clients come to us knowing that their former spouses are living with new partners but unsure of how to prove the fact to the court. We begin our consultation by sitting down face to face with our clients, listening to their stories and learning their histories.

After examining the details carefully, we begin the investigative process, during which we gather information to present to the court as evidence of cohabitation. We do this by calling upon a network of professionals, such as forensic accountants and private investigators. Once our team has gathered evidence using the most modern technology, we present it to the court to demonstrate the reason for the termination of alimony. We have a history of success in this area, and have helped numerous individuals terminate their alimony obligation to an ex-spouse.

By choosing our law firm to represent your interests after your divorce, you can potentially save thousands or even millions of dollars by avoiding paying unfair alimony payments to a cohabitating former spouse.

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