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Underage DUI

When an adult of legal drinking age (21 or older) is arrested for DUI in Utah, the state has two ways of proving the crime of drunk driving. First, the state may show that the adult had a BAC over .08. The other way is to show that the driver was incapable of driving safely as a result of intoxication.

Because it is very difficult to prove that a person is incapable of driving safely, the state usually has to depend on a BAC of over .08 to obtain a conviction in a DUI case.

However, it is different in an underage DUI case. When an adult under the age of 21 is arrested for DUI (driving under the influence), all the state has to show is that they have some level of alcohol in their system. Technically, just a single drink or even a single swig of beer could be enough for an underage DUI conviction.

Have You Been Arrested For Underage DUI?

If you are facing underage DUI charges in the state of Utah, the experienced DUI defense attorneys at the law offices of Kristopher K. Greenwood & Associates can help. Our DUI attorneys have helped many clients fight and beat DUI charges. Based in Ogden, our law firm represents clients throughout Utah, including Weber County, Davis County and Salt Lake County.

We handle all types of DUI charges, including:

What makes our firm unique is our experienced trial lawyers. We aggressively defend each client we represent. Our goal in each case is to keep your criminal record clean, keep you out of jail, and protect your driver’s license.

Your Immediate Response Is Required

If you have been arrested for DUI in Utah, you only have 10 days to request a hearing to contest the automatic suspension of your driver’s license. If you retain us to handle your case, our firm will immediately contest your license suspension and handle every aspect of your case, including all the criminal charges and DLD suspension hearing. To speak with a lawyer at our firm about an underage DUI charge, call (801) 475-8800 or contact us by e-mail.