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Blood Tests

If you were arrested for drunk driving and now face serious DUI charges based on a blood alcohol test, don’t give up your rights without a fight. Blood alcohol tests are generally thought to be the most reliable method of measuring blood alcohol content (BAC) in any person facing DUI charges.

Many people believe that a blood test showing alcohol content in excess of Utah DUI law is a guaranteed conviction. This is absolutely not the case.

We Know What To Look For

Police officers, prosecutors and experienced DUI defense lawyers know the truth: blood alcohol test results are not always reliable. Improper blood draws, excessive delay between arrest and the administration of the test, and the different procedures used by police and hospitals in obtaining blood samples can all invalidate blood alcohol test results.

Our DUI defense attorneys have substantial experience and a proven track record of success in beating DUI charges by challenging the science and procedure behind blood alcohol tests. In fact, many of the factors that can render a blood test unreliable may also come into play in any urinalysis evidence in a DUI metabolite case. Speak to our attorneys by calling (801) 475-8800 to learn more about how we can defend you against the seemingly impossible.

We Are Committed To Winning

If necessary, we will employ the latest technology and the best toxicology labs to challenge hospital or police blood alcohol test evidence. Our extensive trial experience allows us to explain to the jury in a compelling way how police mix-ups and procedural errors may have caused a faulty blood alcohol test result.

We have proven time and again that blood alcohol test evidence does not give prosecutors an open and shut case against our clients. To get the aggressive and intelligent defense you need to beat a DUI charge, send us a note about your case and we will get started on your defense.