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ATV Accident Attorney

It seems that every year in Utah, someone dies in an ATV accident — and sometimes there are multiple such accidents. The numerous attractive recreation areas in our state beckon residents and out-of-state tourists alike. High mountain pine-filled passes, red rock John Wayne-reminiscent landscapes, sand dunes and the world-famous Moab area are all prime territory for ATV enthusiasts. The vast majority of ATV users enjoy the sport without incident. However, the rare tragic event can turn a life and a family upside down, and when that happens, you need an ATV accident attorney.

Risks And Regulations

Utah recently instituted laws specifying that minors have to pass ATV safety course and be supervised by adults. However, parents themselves often break the rules associated with safe operation of ATVs. Many riders have suffered catastrophic injuries or been killed with ATVs rolled over them. Amputations and spinal cord injuries are common.

If you have arrived at this Web page because you or a family member has suffered a serious injury in an ATV accident, the risks involved are not news to you. What you need at this time is direction and guidance as you pursue compensation from negligent parties such as:

  • An ATV owner
  • An ATV vendor or rental outfit
  • An ATV manufacturer
  • Another ATV user who caused your accident

Kristopher K. Greenwood & Associates has the experience, knowledge and persistence necessary to recover maximum available compensation for you after a serious ATV accident.

Our firm has the necessary resources to thoroughly investigate your ATV accident case. One of our investigators is a former assistant police chief and chief deputy. His experience in examining police reports, interviewing witnesses and handling other elements of personal injury investigations has helped many of our clients recover ample compensation.

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