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DUI Metabolite

A working mom goes to the dentist for a routine filling. The doctor gives her a Lortab to help with the pain. The next day she is pulled over on the way to her job and the police accuse her of impaired driving. At the station, her blood or urine test shows metabolites of the drug she was given the previous day. She is now facing serious criminal charges for metabolite DUI.

At the criminal defense law firm of Kristopher K. Greenwood & Associates, we firmly believe that the law governing metabolite DUI charges is fundamentally wrong. We have the common sense to know that taking a prescription drug like Soma or Vicodin at some time prior to getting behind the wheel does not necessarily mean that you are too impaired to drive.

If you were arrested and charged with metabolite DUI, we want to fight for you. Contact us today for the experienced, aggressive and dedicated defense representation you need.

Fighting Metabolite DUI Charges On The Evidence And Procedures

We are trial lawyers. We have earned a reputation as aggressive defenders of our clients’ rights and will search diligently for every evidentiary mistake and procedural error that can enable us to challenge these ridiculous charges.

Many technical mistakes and procedural errors that can render blood alcohol tests unreliable may also come into play in any urinalysis or blood evidence in a DUI metabolite case.

The fact is that all it takes is a police officer’s subjective opinion and a tiny amount of prescription drug metabolite in a urinalysis or blood draw to get you a serious DUI charge. We think this is wrong, and we apply our years of experience and understanding of Utah courts and prosecutors to fight metabolite DUI charges whenever possible.

Fighting In Your Corner

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