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Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect Lawyers

Do you suspect your elderly loved one is a victim of abuse, neglect or both in a nursing home? Trust your instincts and talk to one of our experienced lawyers about your potential nursing home abuse and neglect case. We have worked on many cases involving nursing home negligence over the years. This is an egregious type of negligence as this is a vulnerable class in society that deserves protection and respect, not abuse or neglect. As your elderly family member, you have every right to be upset and to take legal action.

At the law offices of Kristopher K. Greenwood & Associates, we understand the sensitivity behind cases involving nursing home abuse or neglect. With compassion and skilled legal representation, we will be there for you and your elderly loved one every step of the way.

One of our experienced nursing home negligence attorneys can go over the facts of your potential case and your best options in moving forward. Contact us online today to discuss your situation in a free initial consultation.

Types Of Nursing Home Negligence

In a potential nursing home abuse or neglect case, there are various types of negligence. Some cases involve just one or even all of them. We will cater to your elder loved one’s specific and individual needs as we help you seek justice.

These types of negligence include:

  • Neglect such as inadequate care causing bedsores, malnutrition, dehydration and even medication errors.
  • Improper security that can lead to an elderly family member wandering off or getting lost.
  • Abuse, including physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

Through a civil lawsuit, we can seek damages and compensation on behalf of your elderly loved one as well as put a stop to the neglect or abuse. This is a situation that usually cannot wait and we urge you to take action immediately.

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