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Challenging Marijuana And Meth Charges

Recently, the Utah legislature has passed strong anti-meth laws that carry significant criminal penalties. The possession of even the smallest amount of meth can result in serious criminal penalties. Even more significant is an arrest for meth manufacturing or operation of a meth lab.

Because meth is so easy to make and so easily transportable, law enforcement and prosecutors are cracking down severely on meth manufacturers and seeking maximum jail time in most cases. Similarly to meth, state and federal law enforcement are also cracking down hard on marijuana charges.

Active investigations of individuals suspected of marijuana cultivation are growing, and the government is devoting increased resources to finding individuals suspected of marijuana growth. High-tech tools such as heat sensors are often used in these situations. Call our firm at (801) 475-8800 if you are worried about being investigated or charged with these crimes.

Challenging Drug Charges At Their Core

Have you ever looked at a tower of cards? If just one card is removed, the entire tower can collapse. The same thing is true with drug charges: The prosecution’s case often hinges on one piece of evidence which, if removed, can cause the entire case to collapse.

In some drug cases, the prosecution’s case is flawed because it is based on evidence obtained as a result of an unconstitutional arrest, search or seizure. In other drug cases, the prosecution’s case may hinge entirely on the testimony of an informant who is providing false testimony to get a more lenient sentence in his or her own case.

By investigating cases thoroughly and preparing meticulously for the possibility of trial in each case, we have helped many of our clients obtain favorable results in drug cases. You too could benefit from our experience as trial attorneys and vigorous advocates for those charged with drug crimes. If you need a strong defense, or think you may be in trouble, get in touch with one of our lawyers.