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Ally Jamerson has routinely exceeded every last expectation when it comes to professionalism, expertise, experience, tenacity, empathy, respect, and a rock-solid work ethic. Ally takes time to LISTEN, and that makes a world of difference. My case was complex, spanning the course of a year, and multiple issues. Ally takes the time to understand the chessboard and then finds the most efficient route to check-mate the opposition. If you haven’t ALREADY called Ally for your legal matters, you might not be serious about winning your case. -Steve

My husband and I needed representation for a guardianship case and were fortunate to be referred to Danielle Edmonds. She is the best! She was on top of everything from day one and throughout the year-long process. She is very knowledgeable and competent. She made sure that we were consistently updated and informed about the progress of our case, and that our questions and concerns were addressed promptly. Our case was successfully resolved and we can’t recommend Danielle highly enough! -Danette

Well friends your search is over, look no further, because I’ve never had an attorney more dedicated than Attorney Danielle Edmonds. Mrs. Edmond’s attention to detail and I’m talking about the smallest of details don’t go unnoticed, her preparation is incomparable, and the speed at which she works is unrivaled. It is my opinion that Mrs. Edmonds is a gift from God as an Attorney and should be shared with everyone in need of professional legal representation. Your search is finally over my friend and for all the military members, Danielle Edmonds is the only Attorney you’ll ever need in your Foxhole. One last parting thought, why roll the dice and leave it up to chance, with the winning solution right in front of you. -Jason

I can’t speak highly enough of Kris and his team. I was always kept informed and educated on my options and potential outcomes. Kris was so professional and helped me feel at ease through a very difficult and emotional process. His expertise is second to none and you truly feel as though you’re in the best hands. Thanks for everything Kris, I consider you a great friend!
-Previous client

I can’t tell you how appreciative I am. And I don’t know what I would’ve done without Kris Greenwood in my corner. Kris is a calm, insightful and brilliant advocate for his clients – literally creating miracles others didn’t think possible. When others failed, my family even advised me to stop because of safety issues, and no one else believed we could achieve what was honorable -yet, Kris did an amazing job. … Such brilliance and professional humanity combined Is a rarity. I’m absolutely grateful to have been referred to him by a past client. (His Team is amazing as well -thank you, paralegals and admins!)
-Previous client

Rand Lunceford was my attorney and he did a great job for me. Was always very quick to return phone calls and texts. Gave me court reminders the day before. And did a great job. when it was all said and done I was extremely impressed with Mr. Lunceford and their firm.
-Previous client

Rand Lunceford helped me in a very unique case. With child visitations for out-of-state, I really didn’t think I would get everything I wanted for my son visitation for summer but Rand helped make it possible, I even got my ex to start helping with other expenses that comes with the child as well. Rand also made my son really happy when he gets to spend the whole summer 2019 with his mom that has not happened in 5 years. I also like how straightforward Rand is, he’s not the beat around the bush kind of person he will let you know how things go without any hesitation. If your looking for an honest lawyer Rand Lunceford is your kind of guy.
-Previous client

Brian attended mediation with us today and he was a rockstar. He was very knowledgeable and thorough. I don’t know what we would have done without his well-informed counsel and the way he stood up for us. He maintained a calm and authoritative demeanor, even in the presence of the 4 other attorneys on the other “sides”. We will be recommending him to anyone who needs a family law attorney, and we’ll be choosing him if we ever need one again!
-Previous client

Not to sound cliche… Justice was served!!
I have never been in a situation to need a Lawyer. really stood up for me when forces were making a situation much larger than it should have been. Our situation was extremely difficult but choosing this Lawfirm was the best choice I could have made for my family and me. I am so grateful that was in my corner fighting while I took care of my family. Words can’t express my gratitude. It is unfortunate that accusations can place people in situations that you can’t handle or control…fortunately there are great people like. Wonderful person, Great Lawyer!
-Previous client

I would HIGHLY recommend Kris to anyone who would like their best interests put forth. Kris is exceptional at explaining the various situations and consequences of the legalities with your case. Kris treats you like you are his only client; responding immediately, and always early during meetings. He is detail-oriented, knowledgeable, organized, and very professional. I know my outcome wouldn’t have resulted in the same without him. Truly indebted to Kris and his amazing staff!

After being highly recommended by several people, I hired Kris and his team to help me with my case. I found that he was knowledgeable, fair, very responsive, & was always looking out for my best interest. He also worked hard to make my case fair and move along in a timely manner. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

I retained attorney Kristopher K. Greenwood to represent me in a criminal case. He did whatever was necessary to develop the case from every possible aspect and angle. He also spent the necessary time and energy to prepare the case for trial. He toiled and went the extra mile on every issue. I observed his professionalism and tenacity in dealing with the prosecutors. He understood my concerns and I had every assurance and confidence that he was in fact representing my case with as much zeal as he would his own. He is a professional; he is honest and was always prepared before he ever entered the courtroom. There are lots of attorneys out there; the difference between the other attorneys and Kristopher Greenwood is the passion with which he takes the battle into a courtroom before a judge, prosecutors, and/or a jury. I respect him both professionally and personally. I was very fortunate to have had him representing me and I would highly recommend him whenever you are in need of an aggressive defense!

My name is Andre, and I have retained Kristopher K. Greenwood for legal services in the past. I have the upmost respect for him and his abilities. I feel privileged to call Kris “my attorney”. I have referred Kris to several people with different legal problems and they have thanked me. If you are looking for an Attorney that will fight for your legal rights, don’t look any further, call Kris now!

Kris Greenwood has been my attorney for over ten years now and has handled dozens of cases for me. I manage numerous family businesses and Kris’s expertise is instrumental in helping protect our businesses. Furthermore, as problems have come up, he has always been relentless in tackling the problems head-on. Kris is the most aggressive and assertive attorney I know, and he has always made sure that the other side knows that from the very beginning. His skills and demeanor have always resulted in a very favorable outcome. Kris meticulously formulates our legal strategy and then executes like a pro. In my dealings with Kris, he has never backed down from anybody.

I really wanted to write about my attorneys at Kris Greenwood because they are a wonderful group! First of all, I was grateful to have a Free Consultation from Kris and by sitting down with him, & going over my case I knew immediately he was the one to hire. He is a great listener, very professional, he took his time with me with all my questions. Besides needing to file a divorce, I, unfortunately, needed to file an unwanted bankruptcy as well. Ryan handled that for me, and really put my mind to ease. I thought for sure my life was ruined from my difficult circumstances. Kris Greenwood’s entire team was very nice and so is his staff, and really helped me get some much-needed rest. Thank You so much!!!!

Kris is amazing!!!! He saved our son. We went to him to help us get custody of our son. Our son was not safe when his biological dad would take him. Kris helped us to remove the dad’s rights and give full custody to the mother. Kris has always been available to us either by phone or appointment. I felt very comfortable with him and most importantly he won our case for us. Finally, my son is safe and all mine thanks to Kris.

Kris Greenwood just pulled off a miracle for me. He was awesome today. I couldn’t have expected a better outcome. I will forever be indebted to him for his services.

Kris Greenwood is an outstanding trial lawyer! I always take my cases to him, whether they are simple or complex. He fights hard for me and has never let me down. Kris is always open, honest and will fight for you. He is also an extremely hard-driving litigator when you need it. Frankly, I’m very proud to call Kris “my lawyer”!