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Going through divorce does not mean feeling alone during holidays

Getting divorced around the holidays can make an already emotional situation even more so. Some Utah residents may think that their holidays will be ruined due to going through divorce, but that does not necessarily have to be the case. In fact, individuals can take steps to help themselves have a positive holiday season.

Commonly, people fear that they will feel alone during this time of year after ending their marriages. Fortunately, most people still have family and friends with whom they can connect and uphold traditions. Additionally, it may make newly divorced individuals feel less alone to know that 45 percent of adults in the United States are unmarried, meaning that a substantial number of people are not spending holidays with a spouse.

How will your divorce affect your financial future?

The end of a marriage will shape your future in many ways. If you made the decision to end your marriage, you understand this choice will affect you financially, but it can be hard to picture how it will truly impact your future. It is often beneficial for Utah readers moving forward with divorce to think about the changes and adjustments they may have to take after the process is final.

Divorce is a tumultuous time, and it can be easy to allow emotions to drive your decision-making. However, temporary feelings are not always a good indication of what is truly best for your future. It is in your best interests to consider both the short-term affect and long-term consequences of the choices you make during divorce. 

Perception, evidence important parts of child custody proceedings

With the holiday season underway, many families want to prepare for the time they will spend together. Of course, if Utah parents are going through divorce, they may be more focused on finding the right child custody arrangements, which often includes dividing holidays. Because each family is different, each custody arrangement also differs.

If parents have a particular arrangement they would like to reach, they may have a challenging time ahead when it comes to reaching those goals. However, parents can take steps to help themselves appear favorable to the court. In particular, it is important that parents take the time to understand how to act in the courtroom, what to wear and how the court's perception of them could affect their cases.

Divorce during the holidays does not have to lead to loneliness

Holidays are often a time of family gatherings and feelings of joy for many people in Utah and across the country. Of course, if individuals have recently gone through or are going through divorce, they may feel less than joyous around the holidays. After all, they may have less family to see or feel left out during activities for couples.

Fortunately, the holidays do not have to become a time of sadness after ending a marriage. Certainly, feelings of sadness or loneliness are understandable, but individuals can make the effort to help themselves enjoy the season. They can create new traditions, find activities that they enjoy doing on their own, reach out to friends or family, and take part in a number of activities that could boost their feelings of inclusion and happiness.

Parents may consider birdnesting as part of child custody

Most Utah parents going through a divorce want to make sure that their kids do not suffer unnecessarily from the process. Child custody agreements can sometimes cause contention, but if parents can work together, they may be able to take advantage of arrangements that can help the kids through the transitioning phase. In particular, parents may want to look into birdnesting.

Birdnesting is a trend that has recently become more popular. This arrangement involves keeping the family home, and rather than having the children go from house to house for each parent's parenting time, the kids stay in one home and the parents rotate in and out. While this arrangement may cause less stress for the kids, it can still be tricky to pull off as it often means keeping up three residences as the kids stay in one and each parent has his or her own to live in.

Considering retirement security during divorce

Ending a marriage may be the best choice for many people facing unhealthy and unhappy relationships. However, it is no secret that divorce can wreak havoc on finances and future financial plans. In particular, Utah residents' retirement plans could face significant changes due to the impacts of marriage dissolution.

Fortunately, individuals in this type of situation can take steps to help lessen negative impacts on their retirement security. One major action that could benefit such a situation is to understand how state property division laws will affect who gets what. A person may be entitled to a portion of the other party's retirement funds and vice versa. This information could influence how individuals utilize negotiations for property division, especially if they would like to hold on to more of their own retirement funds.

Utah Woman's Case Shows Benefits of Plea Deals

When charged with a crime, exploring the various criminal defense strategies often proves useful. In some cases, individuals may choose to take advantage of offered plea deals, as they could allow them to reach agreeable outcomes to their cases that they may otherwise not have achieved. This option was recently utilized in a Utah case.

Reports indicated that the case began when a now-former evidence clerk was suspected of being under the influence of drugs while on the job. The woman allegedly stated that, while working as an evidence clerk, she had developed a methamphetamine addiction, which compelled her to purportedly steal drugs from the evidence room for approximately three years. The woman was first suspended from her job and then terminated. 

Are you working too hard to save your marriage?

You certainly never expected you would be thinking about a divorce. Not many spouses do, but unfortunately, the rate of divorce in Utah and across the country demonstrates that no marriage is immune to stress. You may be comfortable in your lifestyle, but having plenty of material goods does not necessarily make a marriage happy.

While you may not be able to put your finger on the exact reason why you are ready to end your marriage, you may be experiencing circumstances that indicate the end of a relationship. Perhaps you have addressed these issues with your spouse, maybe even attended counseling, but sometimes you have to decide when the work you put into the marriage is no longer worth the effort.

Serious charges result from suspected DUI crash that proved fatal

Though many drunk driving cases occur every year, each case is different. When a driver is facing charges for DUI, it is important that the individual focuses on the details of his or her case and how they could impact a defense. In some incidents, a driver may simply be stopped by police and charged, and in other cases, allegations could result from a serious accident.

One driver is currently facing serious charges after a recent fatal crash in Utah. Reports stated that the driver of a dump truck was heading west when the truck drove over the dividing barrier and into the eastbound lanes. The dump truck collided with the driver's side of a pickup truck, which was carrying six individuals. Three of those individuals were ejected from the truck, and all six suffered fatal injuries. Two individuals in an SUV suffered injuries after crashing while trying to avoid the initial collision.

Divorce cases involving narcissists are often contentious

Ending a marriage is an event that many Utah residents likely want to avoid. Unfortunately, divorce is a reality for numerous people. In some cases, the proceedings can be more contentious than others. When a narcissist is involved, there is a substantial likelihood that the case will be high conflict.

Narcissists can often cause a number of issues in a marriage, and during a divorce, they can feel as if they are the victims of the situation. These individuals can also carry out bullying actions, which can lead their spouses to feel defensive. As a result, when one person is acting contentious and the other is defensive, a significant amount of conflict will likely result. It is also common for the non-narcissist to be seen as part of the problem though he or she may only be trying to reach the best possible outcome.

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