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Divorce without the drama and hassle, is it possible?

You and your spouse are ready to end your marriage. You do not want to fight things out in court. In fact, you already agree on how you should split your property and divide time with your children. You want a divorce without the drama and hassle, and you may be able to have it by filing an uncontested divorce.

Every year, numerous Utah couples are able to dissolve their marriages without dragging things out in mediation or in court. Uncontested divorces work, but they are not for everyone. Who is eligible for this type of divorce? What are the benefits and disadvantages of going this route? Can I still have an attorney?

Legal divorce or separation instrument needed to divide IRAs

Ending a marriage often means splitting the assets. Some property may be easier to divide than others, and when it comes to addressing retirement accounts, more steps may be necessary in order to avoid possible taxes and fees. In particular, Utah residents going through divorce may want to pay close attention to how the division of IRA funds takes place.

The manner in which the money is transferred plays a significant role in whether taxes will be applied. The correct way to divide these funds involves following rules set forth in the Internal Revenue Code. The IRC indicates that the transfer will not face taxation under these circumstances as long as the a formal and legal divorce or separation instrument is used. This means that a divorce decree or legal separation agreement could work as this necessary instrument.

Man charged with DUI after disturbance call

After falling victim to a lapse in judgment, many people want to take action in order to redeem themselves. They often also want to avoid having to contend with severe punishment that may make it more difficult for them to find a better path for themselves. When charged with DUI, individuals face the potential of license suspension, fines and even jail time.

Fortunately, parties in this type of predicament have the opportunity to create and present a criminal defense that could help them work toward outcomes that could help them get back on the right track. One man in Utah will undoubtedly want to determine his best courses of action after recently being taken into custody. Reports stated that authorities were called to a residential disturbance that allegedly involved the man, but after authorities were called, the man reportedly left the area.

Staying financially conscious may help during divorce

Ending a marriage can be an expensive endeavor. While some people may feel willing to shell out the needed funds in order to get out of an unhappy relationship, remaining level-headed and thinking through their actions could prove wise. Fortunately, there are many ways in which Utah residents could remain conscious of their finances while going through divorce.

One way that individuals could help themselves is to refrain from taking advice from friends or family. While these loved ones may have good intentions, they could lead divorcing parties down the wrong paths, which could end up proving costly in more ways than one. Instead, parties may want to ensure that they seek information from reliable resources, such as legal and financial professionals.

Aggravated DUI charges leveled against woman in Utah

In the event that a person faces criminal charges, one of the most important things to remember is that he or she has rights. The right to remain silent and the right to defend against any allegations, among other rights, can help parties deal with serious legal situations, including accusations of DUI. It can also prove beneficial to explore the available defense options.

One woman in Utah will certainly want to ensure that her rights are upheld after recently being charged. Reports stated that the woman was allegedly inside a vehicle that was stopped in a traffic lane on the roadway when authorities approached her vehicle. Details concerning what happened immediately after police made contact with the woman were not give in the report. 

Parental alienation may lead to child custody reconsiderations

Some individuals may feel disheartened when another parent obtains primary custody of their kids. Child custody proceedings can often be difficult, and Utah parents may find themselves having to make do with the terms of the agreements. However, the situation could be made worse if a parent attempts to alienate the other parent.

While a parent with primary or sole custody will certainly spend more time with the kids and may have more say in certain decisions, the other parent often still has a role in the children's lives. When parental alienation occurs, the custodial parent may take abusive measures to keep the children from the other parent and even convince the kids that they do not want the other parent around. This manipulation can have harmful effects and present itself in various ways.

Disabled parents may still need to make child support payments

After unexpectedly finding themselves disabled, it is common for many concerns to cross individuals' minds. For Utah parents who owe child support, the ability to continuing meeting the obligation may be a point of considerable worry. After all, if they are unable to work or otherwise generate the same amount of income, they may struggle to make the necessary payments.

Fortunately, individuals facing this type of situation may have the ability to seek changes to their support agreements. Modifications are not always easy to come by, but disabled parents could present their changes in circumstance to the court in hopes of obtaining a new order. While child support obligations may not be dissolved entirely, parties may have the opportunity to gain a lower payment, at least temporarily.

Suspicious of hidden assets in divorce?

It's one thing to mutually decide that your marriage is no longer sustainable, then file for divorce hoping for a swift and relatively painless process so you can gain possession of the assets that are rightfully yours and move on toward a new, independent lifestyle. It's quite another to get drawn into a stressful situation where you suspect your soon-to-be former spouse is trying to hide assets so he or she can gain the upper-hand in a settlement.

Not only is that type of behavior mean-spirited and nasty, it's also (sadly) fairly common and always illegal. It's easy to think it might be a mere figment of your own imagination when you first start to see signs of possible asset hiding. Rather than blame yourself for seeing things that aren't there, it's always a good idea to document your suspicions and then investigate any issues causing you concern. It's also wise to know where to turn for outside support if needed.

After hitting house, Utah driver faces DUI charge

When charged with a crime, it is often in individuals' best interests to determine how to handle the situation. In particular, parties may want to gain a better understanding of the allegations they face and their possible defense options. Because each case is different, any person facing DUI charges may want to ensure that he or she chooses the best legal path.

One man in Utah will certainly want to understand his predicament after recently being charged. Reports stated that the man had allegedly been driving a vehicle when a police officer purportedly saw the man's vehicle traveling over 100 mph. Officers tried to stop the vehicle by utilizing a roadblock, but the man had already passed the intended location of the roadblock.

Is bird nesting worth considering after divorce?

Ending a marriage is difficult. When that marriage also involved children, the situation becomes even more complicated. Not only do Utah residents need to consider the immediate impacts their decisions could have, but when it comes to child custody, the long-term effects made during divorce also need significant attention.

In particular, the living arrangements that people consider may impact how their kids interact with each parent. In most cases, divorced couples choose to live in separate homes, with their children going from home to home. However, a newer trend involves the children staying in the family home and the parents being the ones to come and go. The arrangement is reportedly known as bird nesting.

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