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Driver and passenger both facing DUI charges after Utah crash

It is not unusual for multiple people to face criminal charges in relation to a single event. However, it may seem highly uncommon for two individuals to face DUI charges when only one vehicle was involved in a crash. However, this type of situation recently took place in Utah.

Reports stated that a woman was driving a vehicle in which her grandson was a passenger. At approximately 10:45 a.m., the man purportedly grabbed the steering wheel after getting into an argument with his grandmother. As a result, the vehicle swerved off the road and almost hit a jogger. The vehicle then went through a fence and collided with the side of a house.

Introverts likely do not want to go through divorce alone

Utah residents deal with stress in various ways. Depending on the particular personality, there are many actions and behaviors that could manifest when an individual feels overwhelmed. For introverted people, they may find themselves either internalizing their stress and forgetting to speak out, or they may end up on constant rants. If either of these events take place, parties may feel that going through divorce will be a disaster.

Luckily, even introverts can successfully make it through their divorce proceedings. If a person tends to clam up under stress and may begin avoiding important phone calls relating to their legal proceedings, they may only add more stress. If individuals obtain legal counsel, it may help them to discuss their typical stress-related behaviors to determine the best ways in which attorney-client conversations can take place.

Be Prepared: High asset divorces often take longer

Like many others in Utah, you never dreamed your marriage would one day end in divorce. You had the best of intentions to stay married for the rest of your life. Then, life threw a few major curveballs your way and your relationship did not withstand them. You have high hopes that your children will be able to adapt to their new lifestyle as well as possible. In fact, you and your spouse are likeminded concerning their upbringing, so you don't expect parenting-related matters too cause much trouble in proceedings. 

It would be nice if your entire divorce process would run so smoothly although you're not convinced it will when it comes to marital property division. You know that high asset divorces can be a bit complicated and you're worried your spouse is going to try to give you the short end of the stick when it comes to negotiating a fair and agreeable settlement. Understanding this state's property division laws and knowing where to seek support can place you one step ahead as you move toward the future. 

DUI charges leveled against man after Utah crash

After certain events, some individuals may wonder whether they truly could have been involved in them. Unfortunately, no matter if they can believe it or not, some parties may find themselves having to deal with serious repercussions of their actions. For instance, a person could end up having to create a defense for DUI charges.

One man in Utah is currently facing such issues after a recent event. According to reports, the man had been in his pickup truck in the drive-thru of a fast food restaurant. For some reason, the man purportedly accelerated and hit the vehicle in front of him. The man then struck another vehicle before traveling onto the road in reverse. He allegedly crossed seven lanes of traffic before hitting a concrete barrier.

Do all divorce cases have to be drawn out and expensive?

Most Utah readers know that ending a marriage can be a time-consuming and costly process. Between property division, legal fees and other expenses, individuals could face monetary difficulties while they attempt to finalize their divorce cases. Fortunately, there are steps that individuals could take in hopes of lessening the costs that they may have to contend with as their cases move forward.

Though some parties may go into their divorce proceedings with ideas of what they want, it may be beneficial to remain realistic about possible outcomes. While people certainly have the ability to fight for any outcome they desire, they may want to remember that the longer they attempt to obtain that perfect outcome, the more expenses they are racking up. Therefore, it may prove wise to realistically consider what areas are negotiable and what areas are not.

Age, education may be predictors of divorce chances

It is not unusual for happily ever after to skip over numerous marriages. Though many Utah residents and other individuals across the country may have entered into their relationships believing that their marriages would last forever, they could end up wondering how they ever had such a thought as they now face divorce. As they look back on their relationships, they may wonder whether they should have seen it coming.

Scientifically, there are some factors that could potentially impact whether a marriage will last. One particular factor is age. If individuals marry too young -- like those in their teenage years -- or after a certain point in adulthood -- age 32 to be exact -- chances of the marriage not working out increase. In further relation to the age at which a person marries, the likelihood of divorce increases 5 percent for every year after age 32.

DUI charge leveled against Utah woman after head-on collision

Being suspected of a crime can be a difficult predicament to handle. There are many ways that allegations for DUI in particular can be addressed, but if individuals are missing the right information, they may not know what their options are. Fortunately, parties facing this type of ordeal should have opportunity to gain helpful knowledge related to their cases.

One woman in Utah may want to learn more about the allegations that were recently brought against her. Reports indicated that the woman was driving a vehicle westbound when she failed to remain in the correct lane when going through a curve. As a result, her SUV collided head-on with another vehicle that was heading east. The driver of the eastbound vehicle did not suffer serious injuries in the incident.

Avoid sabotaging your own interests in your divorce

Divorce is an incredibly difficult process for both parties, even if you and your soon-to-be ex are committed to remaining amicable and cooperative. The process of legally ending a marriage is full of difficult decisions that will impact your life for years to come. The stress and emotional challenges of walking through this process can lead to high levels of stress, which could affect your perspective as you face important choices. 

It is easy to see how a Utah reader could negatively affect his or her own divorce goals by allowing emotions to drive decisions and by making choices without consideration of their future impacts. As you walk through this difficult process, you would be prudent to have both experienced guidance and a clear focus on a strong post-divorce future.

It can be difficult to find the right child custody terms

Being a parent comes with many highs and lows. Some of the lowest points many Utah parents may face could relate to having to fight for custody of their children during divorce. Child custody proceedings can take their toll on everyone involved, and many fathers in particular may feel that they need to go the extra mile in hopes of achieving their desired outcomes.

Though shared custody is becoming a more common outcome in custody proceedings, numerous dads feel that mothers may still get the more favorable view. However, that does not mean that mothers automatically gain sole custody of children. Certainly, any type of custody proceeding can have its difficulties, and some individuals may need to take additional steps or even revisit their custody terms to ensure that the best interests of their children are being met.

Inability to fight fair may lead to divorce in Utah

Many people want their relationships built on solid foundations of love, trust and communication. Of course, over time, these foundations may begin to crumble, and individuals may wonder whether any true communication is happening and whether love still exists in the marriage. As a result, it is not unusual for parties in this type of situation to consider divorce.

One issue that could lead Utah couples to thinking of ending their marriages relates to how they handle arguments. Though it is not unusual for couples to argue and fight about certain issues, if they do not try to listen to each other's views of the situation or insist on casting blame on the other regardless of the circumstances, it is unlikely that resolutions will be found. This type of scenario could lead to a build up of issues that seem insurmountable.

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