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Certain personality traits may increase chances of divorce

Everyone has certain characteristics and personality traits that do not please others. In many cases, individuals in Utah and elsewhere can overlook certain traits or work together to overcome issues caused by some characteristics. However, it is not unusual for some traits to act as red flags for relationships and potentially result in a marriage heading for divorce.

If a spouse has a tendency to blow tiny issues out of proportion, it could become a major issue in a marriage. A person's anxiety or other factors could cause them to take relatively insignificant events and make them seem more dire than they really are. This may not seem like such an issue at first, but over time, it can significantly wear down a relationship. Individuals with this trait may even file for divorce themselves over a small issue and later realize that divorce was not the answer.

Protect yourself when facing a high asset divorce

High asset divorces are often contentious and complex, and both sides are concerned about what will happen to marital assets and money. If you are facing a high asset divorce, there can be great benefit in preparing for the process ahead. These types of Utah divorces are financially complex, but you do not have to walk through it alone. 

Even though a high asset divorce is difficult, it is possible to secure a final order that is in your current and future interests. During the legal process, it can be tempting to allow temporary emotions to drive your decision making, but this is not wise. When significant assets and your financial future are on the line, it is beneficial to remain focused on what is best long-term. 

Utah parents likely have many concerns during divorce

Ending a marriage means changing a number of aspects in multiple people's lives. When parents are going through divorce, they have even more concerns than those without children. Child custody and support payments are often at the forefront of the decisions that need making, and the outcomes can depend heavily on the details of each case.

Because children often benefit more from having relationships with both parents, many Utah residents are likely open to the idea of joint custody. Of course, reaching the terms of this arrangement may not be easy, and at this time, joint custody is not the standard accepted arrangement in the state. As a result, parents will need to work together or go through court proceedings to decide on joint custody or other feasible agreements.

Facing DUI charge, Utah man may find legal info useful

Car accidents often lead authorities to ask many questions, particularly about how the incident took place. Interviews with drivers, passengers and witnesses tend to take place, and officers may even take steps to determine whether any of the drivers were intoxicated at the the time of the incidents. If police do believe that alcohol played a role, it is possible for DUI charges to result.

One man in Utah is currently facing such an allegation after a multi-vehicle accident. Reports stated that the crash occurred after midnight and took place when a moving vehicle collided with a truck that was stalled on the side of the road. Details of what happened after that initial collision were not given, but it was noted that three additional vehicles were also involved in the incident.

Relocation, parent death may lead to child custody modifications

For many Utah parents, the hardest part of their divorce cases may have been learning the terms of their custody orders. It is common for parents to have a set idea of how they want the child custody arrangements to look, but the court may not always agree with their arguments. If parents are unhappy with the order or experience a change in circumstances, they may have reason to seek modifications.

In order to obtain a change to the custody order, a valid reason must exist. One reason for a possible alteration is if one parent is planning to move from the area. If the move will result in the current agreement no longer working, the court may consider a change. However, they will also look at the reason the parent is moving and whether changes to the agreement will disrupt the child's life.

Divorce can be stressful on Utah parents and kids

While many Utah residents may have dreamed of their happily ever after when they got married, it is likely that a considerable number of them came to realize that their marriages would not help them reach achieve that dream. Marital issues can plague any relationship, and it is common for divorce to result. Of course, parents may find the situation even more difficult as they try to help their kids through the process as well.

This scenario can seem overwhelming as parents try to deal with their own feelings and try to help their kids process their feelings. It may help to let kids express their feelings, but it does not mean that they should be able to get away with just any type of behavior. Though it may feel more stressful to deal with divorce and outburst from the kids, parents still need to act like parents.

Utah man likely focused on DUI defense options after accident

Many people feel lost at some point in their lives. Some individuals may feel particularly lost after having DUI charges brought against them. They may wonder how they ended up in this situation and how they will be able to address it as best as possible. Fortunately, assistance is available for parties in this type of predicament.

One man in Utah may currently be experiencing these feelings after allegedly being involved in an injury-causing accident. Reports stated that the man was driving a vehicle when he traveled into a construction area. His vehicle hit one of the workers, which resulting in that individual suffering injuries to his face and brain. Additional information on the injuries were not given, but it was noted that he was in stable condition when taken to the hospital.

Seeking support modifications when circumstances change

Divorce will initiate various significant changes in a person's life, and these changes do not always stop simply because the process is final. The alterations in your parenting, lifestyle and finances can continue for years to come. For some in Utah, these changes can affect a person's ability to abide by the terms of a support order. 

If you are dealing with significant changes that impact your ability to make support payments or take care of your child on the amount you receive, there are options available to you. There are times when seeking a formal modification could be appropriate and reasonable. If you think this is the right step for you, you will find it beneficial to have help as you seek necessary changes.

Single-vehicle crash leads to DUI charge in Utah

Often, when accused in any type of scenario, individuals have an instinctual reaction to defend themselves. This instinct can especially come in handy when a person has been accused of DUI. While it may not be the best course of action to start talking at the time of the arrest, reviewing criminal defense options may prove wise for court hearings.

One woman in Utah will undoubtedly want to defend against allegations for drunk driving that were recently brought against her. The charges stem from a single-vehicle accident that led to the injury of a 4-year-old child. It was unclear what exactly may have led to the accident, but the woman reportedly lost control of the vehicle and it left the road, which caused the vehicle to turn onto its side.

Does having a divorced friend lead to divorce?

It is common for couples to have marital problems. In some cases, parties choose to suffer through those issues without taking action because they believe that it is what they have to do. However, when friends start going through divorce, Utah residents may start considering it a possibility for themselves.

A recent report indicated that people are more likely to get divorced if they have a friend who is divorced. Researchers from three major universities reportedly found that individuals have a 75 percent greater chance of getting divorced if a close friend divorced, and a 33 percent higher chance if a friend of a friend is divorced. Speculation around this trend suggests that seeing friends end their marriages allows individuals in struggling marriages to see that they have options.

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