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Mediation may help Utah residents with child custody decisions

Ending a marriage can have a substantial impact on everyone involved. Certainly the divorcing couple often bears the brunt of the majority of changes, but any children the couple may have had can also be considerably affected. Because of this impact, Utah parents may want to consider how they can best approach child custody arrangements and other aspects of the divorce process.

Rather than going straight for courtroom custody battles, individuals may wish to consider whether they could get along well enough to utilize mediation. Mediation is a method that could help individuals get through their divorce process more quickly by working together to find resolutions to any disputes. A quicker and easier divorce could help lessen the stress children may face as their parents' marriage comes to an end.

Tax legislation could have impacts on Utah alimony awards

Many individual know that spousal support is often an outcome of divorce settlements. In instances where one spouse may have earned more money than the other, the higher-earning spouse often has to make alimony payments. These payments can help lower-earning individuals maintain their lifestyles and meet other financial goals, and recent legislation regarding taxation on this support may interest Utah residents.

It was recently reported that Republicans in the House of Representatives have proposed a tax plan that would change the way in which alimony is taxed. Currently, individuals who pay alimony have the ability to deduct their payment amount from their taxable income, and recipients of that support must pay taxes on the received amount. With this proposal, recipients would no longer be responsible for handling the taxes.

DUI, possession charges leveled against 2 women in Utah

Though multiple people may be arrested in connection with the same alleged incident, they may not want to follow the same criminal defense routes. This could prove especially true when one individual faces different allegations than another person. Because each specific case is different, parties charged with DUI may wish to take a different approach than someone facing other charges.

Two women may each want to consider their own personal wishes after their recent arrests in Utah. Apparently, a 36-year-old woman was driving a vehicle with a 23-year-old passenger when the vehicle was stopped by a police officer. Reportedly, the driver was speeding and failing to maintain the proper lane. The woman originally stated that she had been driving all night from out of state.

Protect your business interests with a prenuptial agreement

There are some things in life that mark a new era -- the beginning of a new relationship, a new business venture, marriage and even divorce. While these can all be exciting and bring different opportunities to the table, you should be certain to protect yourself when necessary.

Business owners in particular have a lot to lose in a divorce. Although most people in Utah do not start out planning their wedding with a prenuptial, failing to do so could have serious consequences.

After arrest, Utah man may explore DUI defense information

After being accused of driving under the influence, many individuals' minds may begin reeling. They may wonder how they ended up in this situation, how the charges may impact their lives and how they could potentially create a DUI defense. Fortunately, parties in such a predicament could find the answers to their questions by seeking reliable information and assistance.

One man in Utah may be considering such action after recently being taken into custody. Reports stated that the man had allegedly been driving a vehicle around 4 a.m. when he lost control on an exit ramp and his vehicle struck a power pole. The incident resulted in power outages for a considerable amount of the surrounding area. At the time of the report, the power issues had been fixed.

Parenting plan may play important role in child custody decisions

As divorcing Utah residents move through each stage of their legal proceedings, they may feel a sense of relief that they are one step closer to finalizing the process. However, some areas may be more difficult to work through than others, and when it comes time to make child custody decisions, parents may feel particularly on edge. Though they certainly want to do what is best for their children, they likely also want to ensure that they still have the ability to see their kids often.

Because the decisions made during these proceedings can impact individuals' lives for a considerable amount of time, parties may want to pay particular attention to their custody terms and the parenting plans they create. In order to create an effective plan, parties may want to consider their current circumstances and how those circumstances could change in the future. By thinking ahead, individuals may avoid finding themselves trying to make plans work that no longer suit their needs.

Various defense options exist when facing charges for DUI

Each individual may have different ideas on how to handle the same situation. When it comes to facing charges for DUI, some parties may choose to take a plea deal if available and others may want to create and present some other form of criminal defense. In order to make the choice with which they are most comfortable, accused parties may wish to explore their options.

One man in Utah may hope to follow the best path for his case after recently being taken into custody. Reports stated that the man had apparently been driving a vehicle a little after 1 a.m. when an officer stopped the car. The reason for the stop was reported as being a registration violation, but after making the stop, the officer purportedly suspected that the man had been drinking.

Should divorce have Utah residents concerned with retirement?

Many Utah residents likely look forward to the time in their lives when they are able to retire from their chosen profession. These individuals have probably been saving for retirement for some time and hope that those funds will allow them to live comfortably after they stop working. However, if parties go through divorce, their retirement savings could face substantial impacts.

It was recently reported that 24 percent of individuals in the baby boomer generation who participated in a study indicated that ending their marriages had a negative impact on their retirement. Additionally, 23 percent of those participants indicated that they will have to continue working after their initially desired retirement age. Because of these outcomes, parties facing divorce at any age may wish to consider how it may impact their retirement.

Utah's new DUI penalties under fire

The new law aimed at those who are suspected of driving under the influence in Utah is not scheduled to go into effect until the end of 2018, but it is still garnering intense debate, both in the legislature and throughout the state. A .08 blood alcohol content is widely accepted across the country as the standard for DUI. Recently, state lawmakers voted to reduce the BAC from .08 to .05, but some lawmakers are having second thoughts.

In fact, some in the state legislature are seeking to repeal the law before it is even enacted. However, others feel a fair compromise would be a modification of the proposed penalties for anyone convicted of driving with a .05 BAC, which for many may be equal to one glass of wine. The law currently calls for a first-time DUI conviction at the new low BAC to result in a 120-day suspension of the driver's license.

4 tips for handling a custody evaluation

Like any Utah parent, your children mean the world to you. As you go through a divorce, you may worry about how the situation will impact your children and what hoops you may have to jump through when it comes to making child custody decisions. If you and the other parent can still get along amicably, the decision-making process may not present too many difficulties. However, if the court will have more of a say in the matter, you may have concerns about possible outcomes.

As the custody process moves forward, you may face a custody evaluation. This type of situation may seem intimidating as an outside party will critique your parenting ability. Because all parents have moments of doubt when it comes to raising their kids, you may feel anxious about the evaluation. You may feel less stressed if you take the time to prepare, and the following tips may prove useful.

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