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Summer months may have some couples preparing for divorce

Many Utah residents look forward to the summer months. They may enjoy having their kids out of school and taking family vacations, but these months may not always be sunshine and fun for some married couples. In fact, spending considerable amounts of time together could draw more attention to issues with the relationship, and as a result, some parties may find themselves more seriously considering divorce.

If parties believe that they want to get divorced, it is wise to remember that planning ahead of time could prove useful. During these summer months, individuals may want to take the time to get their affairs in order if they believe that ending their marriages is truly the step they want to take. Some people may find themselves amazed at how much information they do not know about their household finances, and educating oneself ahead of time is important.

Be mindful of actions during divorce

Ending a marriage affects each person differently. Some people may feel as if this is a step in the right direction while others may feel blindsided by the situation and wonder how it came to be. Still, divorce is sometimes unavoidable, and as Utah residents' cases proceed, it is wise to be prepared.

Parties may want to be particularly mindful about the way they act before and during their cases. Though some may feel hurt about a divorce filing, it is not wise to act harshly, such as by damaging a soon-to-be ex's property. Some may think that throwing out an ex's clothes or favorite items could be cathartic, but really, it could send a negative message to a judge during court proceedings.

Child support on the minds of many parents during divorce

Divorce results in many life changes, and it can be a considerable upheaval to both personal and financial affairs. Due to the changes in household income, it is often necessary for custodial parents to receive child support to help meet the needs of their children. Of course, this can be a difficult point to come to during legal proceedings.

Typically, the terms of a child support order are handed down by the court. The parents' financial details, the needs of the children, time spent with each parent and various other factors could all go into a judge's consideration when determining the amount of support that might be appropriate for a given situation. Of course, Utah laws relating to this type of support will also come into play.

Be wary of divorce advice from nonprofessionals

Ending a marriage is different for everyone. Still, most people have opinions on divorce that they believe will help others going through this process. However, taking the wrong advice during the marriage dissolution process could cause considerable problems, so it is wise for Utah residents to consider their sources of information and ensure that the insight they gain applies to their cases.

In some cases, the advice may try to dissuade a person from actually filing for divorce. People outside the relationship may say that the couple needs to try harder to make the relationship work or that they should even stay married for the sake of the kids. However, a couple may have already exhausted their efforts to make their relationship work, and staying together for the kids may not be beneficial for anyone if the parents fight constantly or exhibit other unhealthy relationship behaviors.

What factors determine how much alimony you will get?

If you are going through a divorce, you probably have serious concerns about what your financial future will look like. The end of a marriage will probably mean less income, new expenses and other financial adjustments. If you stayed home with your children or earned significantly less than your spouse, you may wonder how you will survive.

One of the most important factors for your financial well-being is spousal support. This type of financial support is from the higher income spouse to help offset the economic inequity that the lesser earning spouse often experiences in a divorce. If you believe that you could be eligible for spousal support, it's in your interests to learn how these payments work and what determines how much you may get.

Firm but empathetic approach to the topic of divorce

It is common for married Utah residents and those elsewhere to feel as if their relationships are no longer fulfilling. As a result, they may think long and hard about whether the time has come to file for divorce. Of course, the manner in which the topic is brought about with a spouse could set the tone for the marriage dissolution proceedings, so handling the situation in a sensitive manner may be advisable.

In some cases, the news that one spouse wants to end the marriage can come as a complete shock to the other spouse. As a result, it may be best to sit down and have an honest conversation about this desire. Because the other spouse may be confused and hurt, it is important that the individual is able to express his or her feelings about the matter.

Financial information is vital during divorce

Ending a marriage can cause upheaval in many ways. Specifically, it is important for Utah residents and others to fully understand how divorce could affect their financial situations. As a result, much of the preparation that goes into beginning the marriage dissolution process may revolve around understanding personal finances.

If one spouse did not have a hand in keeping up with the household finances, this person may be at a disadvantage. However, he or she can work to understand the finances before the divorce gets fully underway. Gathering financial information regarding assets and debts could help individuals understand which propertties may count as marital assets, which are separate and which a person may want to put efforts toward keeping. Having information relating to debt is also important because no one wants to be stuck with the financial obligations of another.

Some parents may worry about child custody, visitation

Wanting to be with their children and watch them grow is a common desire of most Utah parents. Understandably, they may have concerns about that ability when they go through divorce. Child custody is a major aspect of ending a marriage for parents, and if one parent receives sole physical custody of the kids, that means that the noncustodial parent may only have visitation rights.

While visitation does allow the noncustodial parent to see the children on a scheduled basis, it does not always mean that the parent can do whatever he or she wants with the kids. If the court approves unsupervised visitation, the parent is more likely able to bring the kids to his or her home for visits or to take them out for activities. However, not all parents are granted unsupervised visitation.

Set aside time for divorce matters and work matters

There are many times when Utah residents may wish they could put parts of their lives on hold. This may feel especially true when individuals are going through divorce. Unfortunately, most aspects of life generally carry on during this time, which means that many people may have to deal with family law issues along with their business duties.

In efforts to avoid feeling overwhelmed or mixing personal life and work life, individuals may need to pay particular attention to their schedules. Though emails or calls from attorneys, financial advisers and other parties may come at various hours of the day, it may be wise to set aside a specific part of the day for handling those matters. Emails and calls typically do not need attending to right away, so taking messages and responding to them all at once may help maintain focus on work when necessary and on divorce matters when necessary. 

Assets going missing? Locating hidden assets in a divorce

You probably feel like you have a million different things on your mind now that you are going through a divorce. If you are a parent, you are probably worrying about dividing parenting time and figuring out child support. Maybe spousal support is still up in the air. Which property is marital, and which is separate? In the middle of all of these things, it can be easy to overlook assets going missing.

Property division is supposed to be equitable in the state of Utah. If your ex has hidden away some of the marital assets, then you will not receive a fair share of the marital property. This could potentially leave you without a secure financial foundation after your divorce.

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