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Negligence by a Medical Care Provider

The Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) seminal study of preventable medical errors estimated as many as 98,000 people die every year at a cost of $29 billion. If the Centers for Disease Control were to include preventable medical errors as a category, these conclusions would make it the sixth leading cause of death in America. When people’s lives and well-being hang in the balance, medical mistakes have serious, life-threatening consequences.

Medical malpractice may occur when a physician or hospital makes an error in the diagnosis, treatment or management of a patient’s illness Public relations campaigns by insurance companies incorrectly imply that doctors are frequently sued unjustly and that the high cost of medicine is due to improper lawsuits. In truth, malpractice cases are infrequently brought and not easily won.

In order to file a medical malpractice claim, the case must be reviewed by an expert witness, usually a physician is required, who certifies that there is a basis for alleging malpractice. To prove malpractice, it is necessary to present the testimony of a physician that the treating doctor made an error. Finding another doctor to testify against a fellow physician is typically costly and difficult.

Medical malpractice cases require intense efforts by the claimant’s lawyers and generally involve substantial costs. Experienced representation in the handling of medical malpractice cases best assures the most beneficial outcome for a victim of medical negligence.

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