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Political figure asks for forgiveness after DUI arrest

On Behalf of | May 1, 2013 | DUI

For many people who get arrested for DUI in Utah, the arrest is the first time they have ever gotten in trouble with the law. While they take responsibility for their actions, they do not regularly drink and drive but made a mistake. In those cases, extensive penalties such as the loss of their driver’s license or jail time may seem inappropriate.

A Utah resident and political activist is asking his party for forgiveness after a DUI arrest in November. The man, who has pleaded not guilty to the DUI charge, was running for vice chairman of the Utah County Republican Party when the delegates met on April 27.

The man was arrested on his birthday on Nov. 25. He says that he went out to celebrate and drank several beers at a restaurant in Salt Lake City. He did not realize how much he had until he got into his car. Trying to sober up, he returned to the restaurant, ordered some food and waited until he felt sober enough to drive.

Nevertheless, police later pulled him over on the interstate for having a broken tail light and arrested him on suspicion of DUI. His case has yet to be adjudicated.

The man is the chairman of the Utah Young Republicans. He says that he wanted to be honest with party delegates about the arrest and that he has stopped drinking since the arrest. He hoped that his honesty and regret about the situation would allow the delegates to give him a second chance at the convention.

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune, “Candidate asks Utah County GOP to forgive his mistake,” Paul Rolly, April 29, 2013


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