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Child custody can be tough post divorce but violence isn’t answer

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2013 | Divorce

Parents in Ogden who are divorced know that child custody disputes can cause great emotional pain for everyone involved. Though many divorced parents successfully co-parent their children, in other cases the parents cannot agree on custody, visitation, child support and other issues. Even after the family law court has ruled on these questions, divorced people sometimes struggle to abide by the order. Emotions often boil over. Sometimes, unfortunately, violence enters the picture.

A 37-year-old woman in another state is facing criminal charges in relation to an incident in which, police say, she rammed a vehicle with her car several times. At least one of the people inside the rammed vehicle was the suspect’s 12-year-old son and his father.

According to media reports, the suspect is alleged to have purposely crashed her car into the father’s vehicle four to five times. It is not clear if anyone was injured. Someone called 911 as the suspect sped off. An off-duty deputy said he saw the suspect’s car speeding and driving through several red lights.

Police eventually apprehended the woman and arrested her. She was later charged with felony criminal endangerment and misdemeanor carrying a concealed weapon for a knife allegedly found in her clothing.

Anger and depression caused by a child custody dispute may make you think of doing things you normally would not do. But committing crimes like assault or interference with custody will only make your case worse and probably lead to criminal penalties for you. A parent in trouble with the law is rarely in the children’s best interest.

Source: Billings Gazette, “Woman accused of ramming car during child custody dispute,” Greg Tuttle, May 29, 2013


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