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Utah woman arrested for DUI, passenger in critical condition

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2013 | DUI

Driving under the influence is a very serious allegation to face that can come with steep penalties that vary depending on the circumstances. When DUI results in an accident that causes injuries or death, the consequences can be severe. If an accused person has knowledge dealing with DUI laws and defense strategies, they may be able to take advantage of preparing a strong defense, should they choose to present one against the allegations.

A 52-year-old Utah woman was arrested after police suspected her of driving under the influence. The driver allegedly lost control of her vehicle causing it to leave the roadways and roll down a steep embankment. The vehicle landed on its top, and one of the three other passengers in the vehicle suffered serious head injuries and was unconscious when authorities arrived on the scene.

Upon investigation of the accident, the alleged driver and another passenger supposedly admitted to having consumed alcohol before the accident occurred. The driver was treated for minor injuries at an area hospital and was then booked at the Utah County Jail. As one of her passenger was in critical condition, the charges she is currently facing could increase in severity if the passenger does not survive.

The accused is currently facing a very serious DUI situation, but she has the ability to present a defense that could help decrease the severity of her possible punishment if she chooses to present one. She may opt for the option of creating a plea bargain in order to lessen the consequences, or she may wish to present relevant evidence that suggests she was not entirely at fault for the accident. By having information on Utah DUI laws and relevant criminal proceedings, she may be able to have an upper hand as her case moves forward.

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