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Dealing with the challenges of a Utah divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2013 | Divorce

Many people will never face a greater challenge in their lives than getting through the end of a marriage. Divorce is often an emotional roller coaster in which getting off it is not an option. As the parties go through the process, there will be many ups and downs, but eventually, there will be a resolution.

When a Utah couple announces they are divorcing, advice and opinions seemingly come out of the woodwork. Friends and family often mean well, but they may end up causing more harm than good. It may be up to the parties to politely tell friends and family to give the couple the space they need to resolve their differences on their own terms.

Otherwise, it can be nearly impossible to figure out what the parties want in terms of a divorce settlement. Taking the time to sit down, identify the issues and resolve to work together to come to a fair and equitable settlement often serves a couple better than allowing others to direct the process. Each party has to be true to his or herself — after all, at one time, the parties were happy. There is nothing wrong with each party wanting the other to be happy.

No Utah couple is an island. Loved ones and friends have usually been there for the couple and for each of them individually. However, now may not be the time to listen to detractors who may think they have the parties’ best interests at heart, but do not have to live either party’s life after the divorce is final. It is possible to negotiate a fair and comprehensive agreement that helps both parties move toward their individual futures.

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