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Getting past preconceived notions about a Utah divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2014 | Divorce

Numerous stigmas still surround the concept of divorce. Utah residents have preconceived notions about both the divorce process and people who end their marriages. Many of these notions are untrue, and getting past them can help both parties look at divorce in a different light.

Nothing is easy about making the decision to end a marriage. Some people still believe that a couple should “tough it out” or stay together for the sake of the children. Children may wish their parents could stay together, but there is nothing pleasant and happy about walking on eggshells because mom and dad can no longer live together. Recognizing that the couple’s relationship is over does not mean the parties will not continue to raise happy and well-adjusted children together.

These days, many couples continue to co-parent their children after a divorce. Some even attend family functions and spend the holidays together. Just because a couple is no longer in love does not mean they can no longer get along. The relationship can change and evolve into mutual respect and even friendship. Often, these amicable relationships develop out of a desire to put the needs of the children first, regardless of how the parties feel about each other.

No one can dictate a couple’s decisions or choices for them. Few Utah couples would walk away from their marriage without being sure it is the right decision. Further, how a couple handles the divorce process can lay the foundation for a post-divorce relationship that benefits everyone — especially the children. The marriage may be over, but being a parent never stops and defying the conventional ideals of how divorced people should act is a good place to start building a different relationship.

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