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Utah fire district captain pleads guilty to misdemeanor DUI

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2014 | DUI

On Aug. 21 of last year, police responded to a vehicle accident. One vehicle rear-ended another, the occupants of which suffered unspecified injuries. As police investigated the crash, they formulated a theory that the driver behind the wheel of the first vehicle was impaired. The Utah fire district captain was arrested for DUI, which we originally reported on Sept. 30, 2013 (“Utah fire captain accused of DUI after having accident”).

At the scene, police administered a field sobriety test they claim the fire captain failed. Further, they allege that he admitted to them that he had consumed six or seven beers prior to getting behind the wheel of the car. After being processed at the local county jail, the accused man was released and contacted his department regarding the situation. The department placed him on administrative leave until the situation is resolved.

Police originally charged the Utah man with three separate counts of class A misdemeanor DUI. Recently, the fire captain made the decision to plead guilty to a class B misdemeanor DUI. His sentencing on that charge is scheduled for Feb. 11. The remaining charges were dismissed as part of that plea. How this plea affects the fire captain’s job is not yet known.

Being charged with a DUI can be unsettling. Not knowing what the outcome will be and how it will ultimately affect the rest of a person’s life can cause a great deal of stress. After reviewing the case and all available options, it may be in an accused individual’s best interest to negotiate a plea agreement with the prosecution that provides the best outcome for the situation without having to go to trial.

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