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Judge’s child custody ruling based on multiple factors

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2014 | Divorce

Judges are tasked with determining the best interests of a child when making custody rulings. Any Utah parent who has ended up in court over custody of his or her children knows that a variety of issues can affect a judge’s decision. Some parents attempt to keep certain personal matters out of a child custody battle, but nevertheless, those issues often find their way into the courtroom

One custody battle on the east coast included a multitude of secrets that the father brought to the court’s attention much to the chagrin of the mother. Last year, he argued that his ex-wife was an unfit mother because she had an abortion at one point in her life. He further claimed that she was untruthful with the court about her relationships with other men.

However, it was the New York woman’s use — and possible abuse — of prescription drugs that the court found unacceptable. Not only did it appear that she may be addicted to prescription medication, but the court ruled that she also lied about the extent of the problem. The court based its ruling to deny her custody of her children on these two factors. The woman’s counsel has vowed to appeal the decision.

When it comes to the safety, well-being and happiness of the parties’ children, many people will do whatever is necessary to protect them. Utah parents would agree that no one is perfect. Everyone has their problems, but whether a judge will determine that those problems are harmful to a child is a different story. When fighting for child custody, it is important to ensure that the court has all of relevant information available upon which to base its ruling.

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