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Utah man is facing charges for DUI-related deaths

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2014 | DUI

The Utah Highway Patrol recently reported a tragedy that befell a family of four on their way out-of-state for the weekend to go camping. As the family headed west on Interstate 80, another vehicle approached from the east in their vehicle’s lanes of traffic. The driver in that eastbound car was arrested and is now charged in connection with the alleged DUI-related deaths of three of the four family members in the head-on collision that resulted from the man driving the wrong way.

One person claims to have stopped the man in the vehicle to discuss how he was driving. Other witnesses say the vehicle was erratic and tailgating. After that, the reports allege that the driver used an emergency turn-around to turn east into the westbound lanes. The driver and the man in the family’s vehicle survived the crash, but not without suffering injuries. A mother and her two daughters suffered fatal injuries from the impact.

Investigators with the Utah Highway Patrol suspect the driver of being impaired. They claim that he admitted to consuming alcohol on the day of the accident while gambling in Nevada. He faces charges of either the first-degree or second-degree felonies in connection with the deaths, third-degree driving under the influence and misdemeanor reckless endangerment.

The penalties this man is facing can be severe if he is convicted — even if he is only convicted on the DUI charge. However, he is to be presumed innocent until or unless proved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. After he and his criminal defense team have reviewed the evidence prosecutors intend to present to the court, all of this man’s options can be explored to determine the best course of action for his defense.

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