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DUI suspected by school bus driver in Utah

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2014 | DUI

Recently, some students and parents from various schools in Utah were on a field trip. A school bus driver was assigned to transport the group. During the trip, something caused the 39-year-old driver to begin driving in a manner characterized as “erratic,” which led to her subsequent arrest on suspicion of DUI.

One concerned parent called 911 from on the bus, indicating that she was afraid for the safety of the passengers. During that same time, another driver on the road also contacted authorities regarding the bus.  Police were dispatched to pull over the vehicle. Troopers with the Utah Highway Patrol on the scene suspected that the driver might have taken prescription medication found in her belongings. 

It appears that no concerns or complaints have been made regarding the driver during the six years that she has driven for the school district. The district spokesperson indicated that drug screening is done upon hiring and randomly during the year, and there are no indications this driver ever failed one of those tests. While the investigation into the incident is underway, the district placed her on paid administrative leave. The events of that day could certainly impact the woman’s employment as a bus driver.

In some cases, even the suspicion of a DUI can have repercussions in every aspect of an individual’s life. This can happen regardless of the fact that this woman is presumed innocent until and unless proved guilty. Fortunately, she may challenge any charges against her in an effort to reduce any impact this incident may have on her life. 

Source: CBS News, “Lycia Martinez, Utah school bus driver, accused of DUI during field trip“, Oct. 14, 2014


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