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Child custody matters can be fraught with complex issues

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2015 | Divorce

For many Utah couples who have children, the only issue over which they are willing to battle it out in court is the fate of the children. This may be even more true when extenuating circumstances are present that only serve to make the issue more complex. Whether those child custody issues involve the parents or the children does not seem to matter.

Every day, Utah’s courts deal with custody issues in which a child’s safety is in jeopardy, such as in cases of domestic violence toward the spouse and/or children is alleged. Other cases involve a parent who allegedly has a problem with alcohol or drugs. If one parent accuses the other of abusing the child or having a substance abuse issue, those allegations will need to be vetted before a decision regarding custody can be made. Determining what is in the best interests of the child under these circumstances is not always easy.

Other custody issues do not necessarily surround a child’s safety, but instead center around logistical issues. When a parent has an unusual or unpredictable work schedule, or the child has special needs, it can be difficult to mandate permanent visitation times. A parenting plan would need to be flexible enough to provide both parents with as much time with the children as possible.

These are only some of the complex child custody issues that would benefit from the involvement of an attorney with a wealth of experience in this area. He or she may be able to come up with creative ways to allow you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse to continue to be involved in your children’s lives as much as possible, ideas that you may not have even considered. Even when the issues are complicated, it is possible to protect your parental relationship and your children at the same time.


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