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Man involved in single-car accident suspected of DUI

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2015 | DUI

Not every Utah driver makes the right choice behind the wheel all of the time. Recently, one man may not have made all of the right choices while driving, but that does not necessarily mean that he is guilty of driving under the influence. Nevertheless, when police arrived at the scene of the single-car accident in which he was involved, officers suspected him of DUI.

The Utah Highway Patrol reportedly received calls regarding a reckless driver traveling at unsafe speeds on I-15 N. A UHP trooper claims that he observed the vehicle traveling at approximately 125 mph. The vehicle is said to have slowed to around 70 mph as it moved into the collector lanes to exit the interstate.

Unfortunately, the driver misjudged and hit the cement barricades. The vehicle then flipped onto its passenger side. Miraculously, the 39-year-old driver walked away from the wreckage with what appeared to be only minor injuries.

He was taken to the hospital to have his wounds treated. While there, police ordered a blood sample to be taken for testing. Those results were still pending at last report.

The man faces charges of reckless driving and DUI. A conviction on either of those charges could have serious ramifications for his life. Therefore, he may benefit from consulting with criminal defense counsel as soon as possible to explore his options. He and his counsel will have the opportunity to review the evidence prosecutors intend to present to the court, including the results of the blood test. In the meantime, it will need to be determined whether his rights were protected from the moment law enforcement officials made first contact with him.

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