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An uncontested divorce can save you time and money

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2015 | Divorce

Even if a Utah couple is not exactly friendly as they end their marriage, that does not mean that they have to participate in a contentious court battle. An uncontested divorce can save the parties both time and money. There are other added benefits of coming to an agreement outside the courtroom as well.

In order for a divorce to be considered uncontested, the parties will need to resolve all of their issues prior to going to court. This includes property division, issues regarding the children (custody, visitation and support) and alimony, among others. If there is even one issue that the parties cannot agree on, they will need to resolve those issues in court.

Even if you think that you and your spouse will be able to negotiate an agreement, each of you should still be represented by your own attorney. The agreement you come to now will have an impact on your future and the futures of your spouse and your children. Your respective attorneys can provide guidance through the process, which often includes assisting with the valuation of your assets, creating a parenting plan if you have children and documenting your agreement so that it conforms with current Utah laws.

As you work toward an uncontested divorce, this could be the most important agreement you ever negotiate — especially if you have children. You and your spouse should never feel rushed as you negotiate your divorce settlement. If you are unsure about something, you are entitled to take the time to fully understand the facts before you make a decision. Striving to end your marriage amicably is admirable, and your attorney can help you achieve that goal.


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