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Grieving mother Susan Hunt is under investigation for DUI

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2016 | DUI

Shortly before 11 p.m. on a recent Tuesday, the Utah Highway Patrol received information about a vehicle on State Route 73 that appeared to be driving recklessly. When the trooper caught up with the vehicle believed to be the one in question and stopped the car, it was on Route 36. It was suspected that the driver could be impaired, and the trooper initiated DUI charges when he filed a citation with the court. Those charges were recently dismissed until all of the evidence is gathered and prosecutors can review the case for other charges in addition to a possible DUI.

The trooper’s dash camera shows a vehicle approaching him in the oncoming lane of travel. He pursued the vehicle and used his patrol car to get the vehicle to stop, which it did not do until it bumped into the patrol car. The trooper is then seen approaching the vehicle and talking to the driver.

The Utah Highway Patrol did not release the remainder of the video because of medical privacy concerns. According to reports, the woman behind the wheel, who turned out to be Susan Hunt (the mother of a man shot and killed by police in 2014), discussed medical issues that could be related to the incident. Instead of being placed under arrest, Hunt was taken to an area hospital because of health concerns.

When the investigation is complete, she could still face DUI charges. If there is any question as to whether her behavior on the night in question could have been due to a medical condition and not directly related to any alcohol consumption, that could affect the outcome of the investigation and any possible criminal proceedings. In cases such as this one, it would be in the best interests of any persons charged with DUI to engage criminal defense counsel to ensure that their rights are protected throughout an investigation.

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