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Has Facebook changed the face of divorce?

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2016 | Divorce

People are connected today in a way that has never before been seen. Social media sites like Facebook allow Utah residents to remain in touch with friends and family that they would otherwise not be able to share their lives with in another way. The downside is that Facebook seems to have also changed the face of divorce — both being blamed for the demise of marriages and for providing evidence that would otherwise only be gathered through investigation.

Any Utah resident that is contemplating or already engaged in a divorce is cautioned regarding the use of social media, including Facebook. Posts and photographs on the site are not as private as people might believe, and they could be used against an individual in court. Even if he or she is careful about what information is on his or her page, that does not mean that those they are connected to are doing the same.

Friends and family could “tag” an individual going through a divorce in at a bar or a party drinking. It might seem innocent enough, but in a custody battle, it could potentially be devastating. Even changing a relationship status from married to something else could help the other party create an image of impropriety.

No one likes to feel as though he or she cannot every action is being assessed. However, during a divorce, appearances are important. Curtailing the use of social media sites such as Facebook for a short time during the proceedings could be seen as a small price to pay to help ensure that an individual has the chance at the outcome he or she desires.

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