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Utah couples can put their children first in a divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2017 | Divorce

Being a parent is often a challenging job under the best of circumstances. When a couple decides to divorce, parenting can become even more of a challenge. The first challenge many Utah couples face is how to put their children first through all of the changes that occur during and after the process.

First, timing is everything. Parents need to determine the best time of year to go through the process, depending on how it might affect the children. For some couples, this means taking care of the details during the school year in order to keep the majority of the process out of the sight of the children. Other couples find it easier to go through the process during the summer when they can spend more time with the children and make any necessary changes when it does not directly affect the children’s daily school schedules.

The living arrangements of the parents during and after the divorce directly impact the children. If a Utah couple decides on joint custody and sharing the parenting responsibilities as equally as possible, living close to each other or in the same house is essential. Otherwise, getting the children to and from school could be a logistical nightmare. How the two parents treat each other either directly or indirectly affects the children as well.

Agreeing to negotiate a settlement together without the adversarial atmosphere of a courtroom could help lay a foundation for a cooperative relationship after the divorce. The parties need to find a way to work together despite the fact that they are no longer married. The effort that parents put forth during the divorce process to work together and compromise could bolster the parties ability to do the same as they continue to raise their children from separate households.

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