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Avoid these mistakes when getting a divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2017 | Divorce

No two families are the same, so the challenges facing each family when a marriage ends are unique. However, there are some commonalities among most divorces, whether here in Utah or elsewhere. People also make some common mistakes during the divorce process that could ultimately cost them dearly.

First, it is not always a good idea to immediately move out of the marital home. Doing so could cause repercussions when it comes to dividing assets and negotiating a child custody agreement. Consider the options carefully before making any decisions. Of course, in some situations, moving out is the only safe and logical choice, but if the option is available, take time to think it through.

When it comes to Utah couples with children, they need to keep the best interests of the children at the forefront of the proceedings. The marriage might be over, but the parties’ relationship as parents will not end with the divorce. It would be beneficial to find some way to work together as parents despite the end of the marriage. The fact is that most people would acknowledge that the other party is a good parent, albeit begrudgingly.

Couples would also benefit from attempting to keep their divorce as friendly as possible, especially if children are involved. The extra time, money and effort needed for a contentious divorce does not allow either party to walk away a winner. Besides, the process should be more about reaching a fair and equitable settlement that satisfies both parties and gives each of the a chance at a secure future. No one would require the parties to be “friends,” but being able to put aside the emotional aspects of the divorce and focus on the future only serves everyone involved.

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