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New DUI rules coming in Utah

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2017 | DUI

Utah has the lowest rate of drunk driving arrests in the nation. It’s also well-known that tourism is one of the leading streams of income for the state. Both of these issues are being addressed with a new law set to take effect at the end of next year. It may increase the number of those arrested for DUI.

Utah is lowering its threshold for DUI to a blood alcohol level of anything over .05 percent. The current level is anything above .08 percent. The law is set to take effect in Dec. 2018.

Those who work in the tourism industry in Utah have expressed concerns over the tightening of the DUI laws. They say that the lower level could cause people to consider traveling to other states for vacations in order to avoid the potential of being accused of DUI here. As many know, such an accusation is a serious criminal one and can lead to fines, loss of license and other penalties.

If a person in Utah is accused of a crime such as DUI, he or she has every right to mount a strong defense. This defense can include questioning all aspects of the arrest, the method used to determine blood alcohol level (if any) and procedures followed by law enforcement authorities. These issues can certainly impact the determination of the pending charges for an accused individual. In many cases, the help of an experienced defense attorney can be instrumental in ensuring that all of the appropriate questions are asked and all of the client’s legal rights are honored.

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