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Some jobs may increase chances of divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2017 | Divorce

There are many things that can push a marriage to the breaking point. Financial stress, pressures from extended family, infidelity and health issues may all drive wedges between spouses. Not surprisingly, the demands of a spouse’s job can also play a role in pushing a fragile marriage toward divorce before the spouses reach the age of 30. Utah couples may be interested in the results of a recent study showing the jobs that seem to place marriages at highest risk for divorce.

The average rate for divorce is about 41 percent, and 30 is the typical age for ending a marriage. Nevertheless, certain occupations make it more likely that a couple will decide to split, and the chief among those occupations is military supervisor. In fact, any spouse who serves in the military is at a higher risk of divorce, likely because of the instability of family life, the stress and dangers of the job and the poor compensation. Deployments and frequent moves from family connections add to the volatility of a military union.

Military couples also tend to marry young, and this inexperience may contribute to an already volatile situation. Some careers, however, do not seem to negatively affect a marriage. For example, dentists and speech pathologists seem to have a very low rate of divorce. So do those who work in religious organizations.

Rates of divorce among those over 50 seem to be climbing, and those ending marriages at that late time of life often find themselves struggling financially as they reach retirement. Whether a Utah couple is divorcing in their 30s or their 60s, having legal guidance may mitigate the factors that jeopardize their financial security. Having an advocate to fight for their rights and a fair share of assets may make all the difference.

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