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Woman charged with DUI after sideswiping patrol car

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2017 | DUI

Police have a difficult and dangerous job, and several new laws have been passed in Utah and across the country to improve the safety of an officer on the job. One of these is the “move over” law, requiring motorists to switch lanes or slow down when passing emergency vehicles stopped on the side of the road. After a recent incident, however, one woman who apparently failed to move over has been charged with DUI.

The dash cam video from the patrol officer’s car shows his vehicle vibrate as another vehicle passes. The officer had exited his car and was fortunately standing on the passenger side of an SUV he had pulled over when the other vehicle drove past, apparently side-swiping his cruiser and narrowly missing the SUV. The passing vehicle did not stop.

Investigators used footage from the dash cam to track down the car and locate the woman they believe was driving when the car struck the cruiser. Officers concluded that the woman was driving under the influence of either illegal narcotics or alcohol. Police arrested the woman and took her to jail.

Having been charged with DUI, the woman now faces an uncertain future. Utah is known for having a low tolerance for drunk driving, enacting tough laws and stiff penalties. When facing a DUI charge, having experienced representation may make all the difference. A dedicated defense attorney will work to minimize the consequences of a drunk driving charge. Since time is typically of the essence after an arrest, securing legal advice as soon as possible is recommended.

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