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Amicable divorce may be possible for some Utah residents

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2017 | Divorce

When many Utah residents think about potentially ending their marriages, they may worry about the conflict that such an event could create. Though many people do face contentious divorce proceedings, not all individuals have to go through unnecessary difficulties as they dissolve their marriages. In fact, some parties could move forward agreeably if they have the ability to work well together.

It appears that one couple in another state may have the ability to move forward amicably as they work through their divorce. Reports stated that the woman involved in the situation had once created a series of books that recounted how economic hardships had actually strengthened her marriage, but now the relationship has come to an end. It was not detailed why the couple decided to end the marriage.

Reports stated that the woman’s husband filed for divorce, but apparently the petition was uncontested. As a result, there is so far little reason to believe that conflict will arise over financial aspects of the process. Additionally, child custody will likely also see little issue as the couple have a college-aged daughter but are in agreement on how to continue providing for her.

Amicable divorce has the ability to work for many individuals, but this type of situation may not be for everyone. The manner in which Utah couples approach the legal proceedings relating to ending their marriages may depend heavily on their specific circumstances. As a result, many parties may wish to gain more information on their divorce options to determine what routes may work in their best interests.

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