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DUI and multiple other charges brought against Utah man

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2018 | DUI

The consequences that result from criminal charges can depend heavily on the conditions under which the allegations came about and how the criminal case is handled. A person who is accused of DUI may face potential punishments that can have serious outcomes, but he or she also has the ability to create and present a defense against those charges. A meaningful defense could help an individual obtain a more favorable outcome in many cases.

One man in Utah will undoubtedly want to consider how meaningful he can make his defense after recently being charged. Reports stated that the man had been driving a vehicle that was carrying an adult woman and his 4-year-old granddaughter. The man reportedly failed to stop at a red light, and as a result, his vehicle collided with a semitrailer. The incident caused the child to be ejected from the car, which resulted in traumatic injuries.

The man allegedly told authorities that he had snorted methamphetamine before getting behind the wheel. Reports indicated that toxicology tests were performed and showed this substance in his system. As a result of the incident, the man is currently facing charges for DUI, child abuse and multiple traffic violations.

Though DUI charges are not uncommon, they are still serious. Because this Utah man is facing multiple charges for various offenses, he may need to find out the best way in which he could defend against the allegations. Understandably, he may not have extensive legal knowledge or know where to begin when it comes to creating a defense, but luckily, avenues are available for obtaining legal information and assistance.

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