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Aggravated DUI charges leveled against woman in Utah

On Behalf of | May 23, 2018 | DUI

In the event that a person faces criminal charges, one of the most important things to remember is that he or she has rights. The right to remain silent and the right to defend against any allegations, among other rights, can help parties deal with serious legal situations, including accusations of DUI. It can also prove beneficial to explore the available defense options.

One woman in Utah will certainly want to ensure that her rights are upheld after recently being charged. Reports stated that the woman was allegedly inside a vehicle that was stopped in a traffic lane on the roadway when authorities approached her vehicle. Details concerning what happened immediately after police made contact with the woman were not give in the report. 

It was mentioned that she was taken to an area detention center, and while there, she allegedly performed poorly in field sobriety tests. She also purportedly took a breath test that indicated that her blood alcohol concentration level was three times the legal limit. She was reported as being 30 years old and is currently facing a misdemeanor allegation of aggravated DUI.

DUI charges of any type can have serious and far-reaching repercussions in the event that a conviction takes place. Therefore, it is important that individuals facing this type of accusation understand their rights when it comes to creating and presenting a meaningful criminal defense. Information on the charges themselves, defense strategies and other related aspects of their cases could help individuals in Utah determine how they may feel most comfortable moving forward.

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