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Disabled parents may still need to make child support payments

On Behalf of | May 10, 2018 | Divorce

After unexpectedly finding themselves disabled, it is common for many concerns to cross individuals’ minds. For Utah parents who owe child support, the ability to continuing meeting the obligation may be a point of considerable worry. After all, if they are unable to work or otherwise generate the same amount of income, they may struggle to make the necessary payments.

Fortunately, individuals facing this type of situation may have the ability to seek changes to their support agreements. Modifications are not always easy to come by, but disabled parents could present their changes in circumstance to the court in hopes of obtaining a new order. While child support obligations may not be dissolved entirely, parties may have the opportunity to gain a lower payment, at least temporarily.

Whether a parent has disability insurance, receives other disability benefits or can still generate an income may also go into consideration by the court. For a temporary disability, the disabled parent may obtain a temporarily lowered support payment amount, and if the disability proves permanent, a permanent change may be implemented. Parents may also want to keep in mind that their wages and disability benefits could be garnished for lack of child support payment. 

Developing a disability could cause numerous life changes, but many people still need to meet certain obligations. In hopes of avoiding negative repercussions for not paying child support, Utah parents may want to consider their options for modifications. Obtaining reliable and applicable information regarding the process could help concerned parties understand how to move forward.

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