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Lack of child support payments can lead to legal consequences

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2018 | Divorce

Having financial difficulties does not make a person a bad parent. However, not having a stable financial situation can make it hard for individuals to provide for their children and themselves. When a parent owes child support, he or she may think it best to simply not pay in order to stay afloat. Before taking this route, it may be important for Utah parents to remember that failing to make support payments can have legal consequences.

One man in another state recently faced such issues after reportedly not making child support payments for approximately 14 years. Authorities charged him with a felony count of non-support of a child, and the man chose to plead guilty to the charge. This turn of events resulted in the judge ordering the man to a year in jail and four years of post-release supervision.

In addition to the jail sentence, the man was also ordered to pay back $29,669.41 in fines, fees and restitution. It was unclear to whom exactly the money was owed. The attorney general associated with the case indicated that he hoped the man would think about his actions and lack of support to his child while in jail.

Of course, there may be many reasons that a parent cannot provide child support as obligated. Still, parents should not simply stop making payments. Instead, they may wish to determine whether a change in their circumstances could give them reason to seek a modification of their current support order in Utah family law court.


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