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Does having a divorced friend lead to divorce?

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2018 | Divorce

It is common for couples to have marital problems. In some cases, parties choose to suffer through those issues without taking action because they believe that it is what they have to do. However, when friends start going through divorce, Utah residents may start considering it a possibility for themselves.

A recent report indicated that people are more likely to get divorced if they have a friend who is divorced. Researchers from three major universities reportedly found that individuals have a 75 percent greater chance of getting divorced if a close friend divorced, and a 33 percent higher chance if a friend of a friend is divorced. Speculation around this trend suggests that seeing friends end their marriages allows individuals in struggling marriages to see that they have options.

Having a friend who is divorced or going through divorce can often cause individuals to think about their own marital problems. They may think that they are heading for divorce themselves and worry, or they may see the relief that their friend experiences after the legal proceedings end and could possibly find themselves wanting that feeling as well. It is not unusual for people to mimic other social behaviors.

The factors that trigger individuals to consider divorce differ from person to person. Seeing someone else seem happier after ending a marriage may be appealing, but in the end, the decision to dissolve a relationship is a personal one. If Utah residents are seriously considering ending their marriages, they may want to find out information on what the legal process entails.


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