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Seeking support modifications when circumstances change

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2018 | Divorce

Divorce will initiate various significant changes in a person’s life, and these changes do not always stop simply because the process is final. The alterations in your parenting, lifestyle and finances can continue for years to come. For some in Utah, these changes can affect a person’s ability to abide by the terms of a support order. 

If you are dealing with significant changes that impact your ability to make support payments or take care of your child on the amount you receive, there are options available to you. There are times when seeking a formal modification could be appropriate and reasonable. If you think this is the right step for you, you will find it beneficial to have help as you seek necessary changes.

Questions and answers about modifications

Seeking a modification to a support order involves much more than simply wanting to pay less or receive more each month. There must be evidence of substantial financial need, and you may find it beneficial to first understand the following before moving forward with requesting a change to your support order:

  • What if I cannot make full support payments? Job loss, remarriage, the birth of additional children and various other factors can impact your ability to pay and could be grounds to seek a formal modification.
  • Can I get more support each month? The diagnosis of a new medical condition, certain types of activities and other needs could be a valid reason to request an increase in the amount of child support payments.
  • Can I seek a temporary change? It may be possible to secure a temporary change in support payments if your current financial circumstances are only short-term or for an emergency situation.

As with all matters pertaining to child support, it is prudent to seek a complete evaluation of your case in order to understand the specific legal options available to you.

Your rights, your options 

Seeking a modification to an existing support order is not always easy. You are entitled to help and guidance for every step, as well as a complete explanation of the various options available to you.

Seeking an adjustment to child support has no bearing on your rights as a parent to custody and visitation. If you have concerns about your payment amounts, the other parent’s response or your custody order, you would be wise to seek help as soon as possible.


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