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Protect yourself when facing a high asset divorce

High asset divorces are often contentious and complex, and both sides are concerned about what will happen to marital assets and money. If you are facing a high asset divorce, there can be great benefit in preparing for the process ahead. These types of Utah divorces are financially complex, but you do not have to walk through it alone. 

Even though a high asset divorce is difficult, it is possible to secure a final order that is in your current and future interests. During the legal process, it can be tempting to allow temporary emotions to drive your decision making, but this is not wise. When significant assets and your financial future are on the line, it is beneficial to remain focused on what is best long-term. 

What should you know before you proceed?

If you believe that divorce is a possibility, it is never too early to learn more about what to expect from the process and how you can protect your property rights. There are certain issues unique to high asset divorces, and you would be wise to prepare well. Some of the things you may need to know or do include the following: 

  • Hidden assets can be an issue in high asset divorces. A careful review of disclosures can help you see what is missing, and you can move forward with other steps to discover hidden assets.
  • When there are significant assets at stake, as well as things like family-run businesses, you will find it beneficial to see if the court will seal certain documents. This will protect your privacy.
  • Due to the complex nature of high asset divorces, you will find it beneficial to secure experienced guidance as you traverse this process and pursue a strong future.

The terms of your final divorce order will impact your future for years to come. It is in your interests to pursue an equitable resolution by being thoughtful, intentional and cognizant of your rights and legal options

Answers to your divorce questions 

It is likely that you have questions and concerns regarding how you will protect your future during a high asset divorce. It may be prudent to seek help as early as possible in the process, starting with a complete evaluation of your case. When you prepare well and understand your rights, you can navigate your divorce with confidence and pursue a property division order that will allow you a strong future.


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