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Serious charges result from suspected DUI crash that proved fatal

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2018 | DUI

Though many drunk driving cases occur every year, each case is different. When a driver is facing charges for DUI, it is important that the individual focuses on the details of his or her case and how they could impact a defense. In some incidents, a driver may simply be stopped by police and charged, and in other cases, allegations could result from a serious accident.

One driver is currently facing serious charges after a recent fatal crash in Utah. Reports stated that the driver of a dump truck was heading west when the truck drove over the dividing barrier and into the eastbound lanes. The dump truck collided with the driver’s side of a pickup truck, which was carrying six individuals. Three of those individuals were ejected from the truck, and all six suffered fatal injuries. Two individuals in an SUV suffered injuries after crashing while trying to avoid the initial collision.

Authorities suspect that the dump truck driver was under the influence of alcohol and prescription drugs at the time of the incident. They allegedly discovered pills and open containers of alcohol inside the truck. That driver was taken into custody and is facing charges for automobile homicide.

DUI accidents that result in fatalities often mean that accused parties have more serious allegations to address. The man charged in this Utah crash will certainly want to make sure that he understand his legal options for handling the allegations brought against him. Fortunately, he can obtain information relating to his case from local legal resources.


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