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Are you working too hard to save your marriage?

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2018 | Divorce

You certainly never expected you would be thinking about a divorce. Not many spouses do, but unfortunately, the rate of divorce in Utah and across the country demonstrates that no marriage is immune to stress. You may be comfortable in your lifestyle, but having plenty of material goods does not necessarily make a marriage happy.

While you may not be able to put your finger on the exact reason why you are ready to end your marriage, you may be experiencing circumstances that indicate the end of a relationship. Perhaps you have addressed these issues with your spouse, maybe even attended counseling, but sometimes you have to decide when the work you put into the marriage is no longer worth the effort.

Signs you can’t ignore

Every marriage is different, and many marriages face heartache and conflict yet come through stronger and more committed. However, some situations can make you feel defeated, especially if you have tried to reach your spouse with no success. Some common reasons why a spouse may decide it is time to file for divorce include the following:

  • You feel your spouse consistently ignores your needs, even after you talk with him or her about feeling neglected.
  • You no longer feel drawn to be physically close with your spouse, or your spouse shows no interest in being intimate with you.
  • You and your spouse disagree on critical issues, such as having children, parenting or what to do with your time together.
  • Your spouse refuses to prioritize assets or leaves you in the dark about family finances.
  • You have no friends in common, or you each spend more time with your separate social groups than you do together.
  • Your spouse is abusive in any way: physically, emotionally, financially, sexually.

If you are noticing these or other signs in your marriage that make you feel it may be time to go your own way, you may have many questions and concerns. It is not unusual for a spouse to feel anxiety about the future, especially regarding finances. Obtaining a fair and equitable property division during your divorce is a giant step toward securing a stable future for yourself and your children. With a skilled attorney, you have an advocate who will work hard to help you meet your goals.


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