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Divorce during the holidays does not have to lead to loneliness

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2018 | Divorce

Holidays are often a time of family gatherings and feelings of joy for many people in Utah and across the country. Of course, if individuals have recently gone through or are going through divorce, they may feel less than joyous around the holidays. After all, they may have less family to see or feel left out during activities for couples.

Fortunately, the holidays do not have to become a time of sadness after ending a marriage. Certainly, feelings of sadness or loneliness are understandable, but individuals can make the effort to help themselves enjoy the season. They can create new traditions, find activities that they enjoy doing on their own, reach out to friends or family, and take part in a number of activities that could boost their feelings of inclusion and happiness.

Of course, there are also ways that people could allow the holiday season to become a source of depression. They may look at other people’s lives and wish they were as happy. They could allow others to make them feel shameful about having ended their marriages. They may only spend time with other couples and feel left out as a result.

Though it can seem difficult, even strong emotions can be controlled in some ways. If Utah residents are struggling with the holidays due to the outcomes of divorce, they may want to find ways to channel their emotions into positive experiences. If they are still going through their legal proceedings, they may wish to take the time to find ways to make their cases as stress-free as possible, at least for the holidays.


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