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Perception, evidence important parts of child custody proceedings

With the holiday season underway, many families want to prepare for the time they will spend together. Of course, if Utah parents are going through divorce, they may be more focused on finding the right child custody arrangements, which often includes dividing holidays. Because each family is different, each custody arrangement also differs.

If parents have a particular arrangement they would like to reach, they may have a challenging time ahead when it comes to reaching those goals. However, parents can take steps to help themselves appear favorable to the court. In particular, it is important that parents take the time to understand how to act in the courtroom, what to wear and how the court’s perception of them could affect their cases.

If a parent believes that he or she should have sole custody of the children, it is wise to have documentation to support that argument. In cases where abuse is an issue, the parent may need to document instances of abuse and specific examples of the negative treatment to which the abusive parent has subjected the other parent or children. Even in family court, evidence is a crucial factor.

Of course, thinking about approaching child custody proceedings can seem intimidating. Fortunately, Utah parents do not have to go through the process alone. Interested parties can discuss their cases with legal professionals and gain insight into their options for addressing custody issues. No parent wants to feel as if he or she has lost when it comes to custody outcomes, and preparing can help them work toward the best possible results.


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