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Staying in contact with kids after divorce easier now

While ending a marriage can often come as a relief to the adults involved, it can cause hardships on children. The kids may worry about their parents and their relationships with their parents, which is why it is often useful for Utah parents to work together as best as possible in efforts to maintain healthy parent-child relationships. However, even if parents do not get along well, parents can still help their kids after divorce by staying in contact.

Though custody orders may not allow noncustodial parents to see their kids whenever they want, texting and social media could help them at least stay in contact. In fact, keeping open lines of communication with children can help nurture those bonds, even if physical time together is not always possible. In this way, social media can prove beneficial.

A recent study indicated that staying in contact with kids may even be more important than how well the parents get along after divorce. For instance, if parents only communicated once a month or less with their children, their knowledge about their kids declined, which caused the relationship to suffer. As a result, now that there are many ways in which parents and children can keep in contact, it is important that parents utilize those options to maintain relationships with their kids, as long as the contact does not violate a court order.

Having concerns about family relationships after divorce is understandable. Fortunately, Utah parents may have even greater chances now of keeping up the bonds they have with their children, even if seeing them every day is no longer an option. If individuals have concerns about their custody arrangements or interference from the other parent, they may want to consult with their legal counsel.


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