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On Behalf of | May 28, 2019 | Divorce

It is common for married Utah residents and those elsewhere to feel as if their relationships are no longer fulfilling. As a result, they may think long and hard about whether the time has come to file for divorce. Of course, the manner in which the topic is brought about with a spouse could set the tone for the marriage dissolution proceedings, so handling the situation in a sensitive manner may be advisable.

In some cases, the news that one spouse wants to end the marriage can come as a complete shock to the other spouse. As a result, it may be best to sit down and have an honest conversation about this desire. Because the other spouse may be confused and hurt, it is important that the individual is able to express his or her feelings about the matter.

While it can help to make the other spouse feel as if it is acceptable to have those emotions, it is still important that the initiating spouse remain firm in the decision he or she has made. Going back on the decision or making it seem as if it is not final could give the other spouse a false sense of hope or cause him or her not to accept the decision. Being firm but empathetic may be an approach to consider.

Of course, this type of conversation will differ for each couple facing this type of ordeal. In some cases, the announcement may go across well enough that the couple can divorce amicably, and others may need a longer time to get through the difficult emotions associated with such a major life change. In either case, Utah residents have options for handling their legal proceedings no matter the level of contention.


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