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Some parents may worry about child custody, visitation

Wanting to be with their children and watch them grow is a common desire of most Utah parents. Understandably, they may have concerns about that ability when they go through divorce. Child custody is a major aspect of ending a marriage for parents, and if one parent receives sole physical custody of the kids, that means that the noncustodial parent may only have visitation rights.

While visitation does allow the noncustodial parent to see the children on a scheduled basis, it does not always mean that the parent can do whatever he or she wants with the kids. If the court approves unsupervised visitation, the parent is more likely able to bring the kids to his or her home for visits or to take them out for activities. However, not all parents are granted unsupervised visitation.

Some courts may order that a noncustodial parent have supervised visitation. This arrangement means that a trusted adult must oversee that parent’s time with the kids. This person could be appointed by the custodial parent or by the court. In certain arrangements, the noncustodial parent may have to go to a specified location in order for a social worker to supervise visits.

Though visitation can certainly prove useful for noncustodial parents, these individuals may still have specific terms they want to work toward achieving. They may not feel that supervision is necessary for their time with the children, and as a result, they may need to present their cases to the court as to why that may be the case. Because making any type of presentation to the court can be difficult, it is wise for Utah parents facing this predicament to work with their attorneys regarding their child custody options.


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