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Be wary of divorce advice from nonprofessionals

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2019 | Divorce

Ending a marriage is different for everyone. Still, most people have opinions on divorce that they believe will help others going through this process. However, taking the wrong advice during the marriage dissolution process could cause considerable problems, so it is wise for Utah residents to consider their sources of information and ensure that the insight they gain applies to their cases.

In some cases, the advice may try to dissuade a person from actually filing for divorce. People outside the relationship may say that the couple needs to try harder to make the relationship work or that they should even stay married for the sake of the kids. However, a couple may have already exhausted their efforts to make their relationship work, and staying together for the kids may not be beneficial for anyone if the parents fight constantly or exhibit other unhealthy relationship behaviors.

Another type of advice that is not unusual but also not helpful is suggesting that one person should try to use the divorce as revenge against the other party. An outside party may say that one individual should try to fight for all of the property and get every penny possible. However, taking this approach could unnecessarily drag out the divorce proceedings and create hostility where there may be no reason for it.

Certainly, Utah residents and those elsewhere going through divorce want to have some advice and insight into how they should handle their cases. Instead of listening to just anyone, even friends or family, parties may want to ensure that they obtain reliable information. Discussing marriage dissolution with experienced family law attorneys is typically a wiser option.


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